Friday Focus

March 7th, 2014

News and Notes from around our campus!

With a spirited gusto of the best effort, each grade level team competed yesterday during our staff meeting. With the music from The Newlywed Game and the voice of Bob Ewbanks resounding in the backdrop, our First Grade team claimed the top prize of "How Well Do You Know Your Teammate!". They will each be receiving gift cards today. Thanks to each of our representatives for playing. The home, board game edition, will be dispersed to each of you. :)

Friday, March 7

Secretary Only meeting 7:30

Tech Shares 8:20-8:50 STEM Room

​Kathy Drake-Everyday Math presentations 5-7 min

Sarah Kiel – National Geographic 5-7 min

Stephanie Compton – Think Central 5-7 min

Stephanie Compton – Padlet 5-7 min

Saturday, March 8

E-Day (Replaces January 8)

Monday, March 10 – Wednesday, March 17

ISTEP+ APPLIED SKILLS Window (not online)

Monday, March 10

ISTEP+ Begins

E-Lessons Due from students

Tuesday, March 11

Grade Level Meeting – 1st

Certify E-Lesson Completion as Certification of Attendance on Saturday, March 8

Wednesday, March 12

**Provide quality feedback to all students on all e-day work prior to Monday, March 17.

PTO Meeting 9:30 – Staff Room

Define Yourself Convocation—LGI (4th Grade 1:30-2:10; 3rd Grade 2:30-3:10)

PLC Math

Set Up for Book Fair

Thursday, March 13

**Provide quality feedback to all students on all e-day work prior to Monday, March 17.

Grade Level Leader Meetings

STEM Madness 6:00 – 7:30

Teacher Preview of the Book Fair 7:30– 10:30

Friday, March 14

**Provide quality feedback to all students on all e-day work prior to Monday, March 17.

Secretary Only meeting 7:30

End of third grading period

Book Fair 8:00 – 5:00

Saturday, March 15

Dads and Donuts 9:00 – 12:00

Please ensure you have read and reviewed Dr. Robison's email sent yesterday at 4:42.

Our lab will be open for student use on Saturday from 9-2. Please communicate with families today (email) and notice both Dan and I any student names who will be attending. Students will enter door 14 and we will use the lab by the media center.

Our district team did a good job working on e-learning day 2. We will be giving this to everyone in the district soon in order to give you plenty of time to work on day 3 with your grade level team. For day 3 you will be creating a Padlet wall and putting on content as an PVE grade level team. Stephanie and Jodi B. are available to help with activities. Please have these walls created by March 24 so that they can be reviewed and fixed during the week. Our goal is to get them all finished before spring break so they are ready to go home on April 7th and we can relax over the break. We have many experts who have already created an e-day Padlet and they can help with technical aspects as well as content.

K – Jill/Michelle

1 – Kricket

2 – Kasey

3 – Kathy

4 – Brenna/Cheri

Plus Jodi B., Stephanie, Scott, Rebecca, Dan and Chad.

Writing and Words are such powerful tools!

This link below will take you to a quick 2 minute video that demonstrates this very thing!
The Power of Words

Below is a link to a live survey.

Please give us your input on this important planning tool. Please simply link to the blue button below. Thank you!

Tornado Safety

Our state drill will take place on March 20th. Typically the local sirens will signal between 10:15 and 10:30. We will drill on this day and plan to follow the signals. For more information and safety awareness with tornado planning, please link below.