6th Grade Class News 9/9/15

Strong and Courageous Joshua 1:9

Reading Buddies

In reading buddies we get to read to preschoolers in 4-year old preschool every Friday. There’s a reading station where you can read with your buddies. If you fight over it, you will lose your privileges to the station for a year. We can sit in the hallway classroom or the station. You can read any book your preschoolers chooses based on the season theme. The reading buddy you have is your buddy for the whole year. We are having a really great time with reading buddies!

By Chloe, Mikaela, and Catherine

Spirit Day-

The new update on Spirit Day is to make sure that everyone has their school theme shirts so they can show their spirit and support the school’s theme being “Strong and Courageous”. The verse about being Strong and Courageous is that “The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”, Joshua 1:9. Everywhere and everything we do, God will always be with us. The most fun and exciting thing about Spirit Day is that we get to wear relax dress code pants only if you have a Spirit Day shirt to participate. Make sure you get your Spirit Day shirt! You can also wear any other Immanuel shirt.

By David and Christian

TMJ and Spelling

TMJ stands for Ten-Minute Journal. Every morning we have a time where we can write in a notebook until it is time for Religion. We are supposed to write at least half a page every day. Some things we can write about are: Describe a real made-up dream or nightmare, invent and describe a new food, describe someone who is a hero to you and explain why, or which character from a book would you most like to meet and why? You can also do a faith-filled journal or your own idea. This will count for a grade in English each week.

This week for spelling we have to work on Unit 2. The class is advised to work on a least one sheet a day or more if you have spare time. If you don’t finish your spelling sheet for the current day you will need to continue working on that for homework. The whole unit is due on Friday.

A Mya and Chrissy production.

PE Update

In P.E we are doing a series of events including Dance, Push-ups, Jump rope, High knees, front and back hops, Crunches, Dips, Hula hoops, and planks. When Mr. Erdmann blows the whistle we move on to the next activity. This has really helped us get active during PE and it is really fun.

As a reminder, it is very important that students are responsible about being prepared on Tuesdays and Thursday when we have PE.

By Michael, Josh, and Shaylah


We are working on a website called Biblionasium to keep track of our reading. We can log many kinds of books in the website. We can also log minutes that we have read. Every night we read 20 minutes of our books and log it on Biblionasium. It is a fun way to log minutes. We also can earn badges on Biblionasium and set challenges! It helps us to get better at reading. Also you can suggest books to a friend, and you pick a use avatar for your account. Be sure to remember to log your minutes every night! This is a part of the Literature grade each week.

By Caleb and Miles