The truth about cholestrol

Eat 10 whole eggs a day and its completely healthy!

Eggs and other foods with fats have been wrongly accused of causing heart disease. New reasearch has proven this to be incorrect. In fact…

1. Cholesterol is healthy - You need cholesterol to have healthy hormones and cells. Without adequate cholesterol we would be very sickly.

2. Cholesterol type matters more – Not just LDL or HDL, but how big the cholesterol particles are. Big is good, small is bad. A high sugar intake along with processed foods cause you to have small cholesterol particles.

3. Healthy fats lead to more good cholesterol – Natural fats found in coconut, nuts, eggs, butter, fish and healthy meats are great for your heart.

Client Story - Trust us, its real

CLIENT story: Preeth Nazareth

Preeth dropped 26 kg of fat in 6 months and greatly improved her blood test results at the same time.

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