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Letter From the Authors

August 10, 2017

Dear Visitors,

Many people simply brush off cyberbullying as something trivial and not worth worrying about. Others, however, have experienced the true effects of this and have been scarred. We, Group 2, the Frog Horns, are here to discuss that cyberbullying is a real problem and can be very dangerous.

As you may have read, cyberbullying is a widespread problem. It affects adolescents and the consequences carry on into adulthood. Hundreds of teens are cyberbullies and thousands more are victims of this. Those who bully may not realize that what they say hurts others. Other times, they feel invisible behind the screen and lose control, thinking that they can get away with saying any hurtful words they want to.

To any of you bullies out there, cyberbullying will only result in chaos and destruction; to your life, and the person you pick on. People should treat one another humanely, and with respect. If everyone pitches in, we can conquer this issue.

As middle school students, we know what it can be like to get picked on. We have first hand seen how it can destroy lives. All of us have personally been cyberbullied or known a peer who has experienced the emotional trauma online bullying brings. Offenders can find it impossible to get a job, and can land themselves in years of jail time. Victims can develop mental health issues and go as far as committing suicide. These repercussions of cyberbullying not only hurt the victim but those who love the victim.

Cyberbullying only has negative effects, and we hope that together, we can spare everyone the scourge of cyberbullying.

Full regards,

The Frog Horns

Root Cause

Cyber bullying is a nationally growing issue because for middle schoolers being behind a screen can give someone the illusion of protection without regard for the consequences; including legal, social or mental, and future repercussions.

Goal Statement

We will educate adolescents about the lasting consequences of cyber bullying including those of the victims and bullies. By using a timeline, real world examples, and a video through a website, we will expose the negative and permanent of middle school cyber bullying.

Cyber Bullying Makes an Impact

What We Learned This Week

Hollie: "I learned that cyberbullying can spread faster than regular bullying."

Agustin: "Cyberbullying reaches a larger amount of people than I thought it would."

Tevy: " I have learned how cyberbullying can effect anybody."

Kerby: "I have learned that cyberbullying can effect multiple people and have really bad consequences."

Julian: "Cyberbullying can effect more than one person."

Chandler: "I learned that 4,400 teenagers kill themselves yearly due to cyberbullying."

Our Cyberbullying PSA

Group 2 FINAL

iENGAGE 2017 Participant Survey

Interactive Bullying Timeline



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