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Several killed by bridge collapse in India.


At least 24 people dead after a bridge/overpass collapsed down onto the streets of Kolkata India. The Indian Construction Company faces charges of attempted murder, mischief, and criminal conspiracy. Police brought in 12 people from the IVRCL for questioning on Friday, but no count how many will actually be convicted of crime. The company states they had nothing to do with the incident, but many think otherwise. They claim that the victims should not have been using the roads while they were being constructed. They needed to listen to the laws before they put thenshelves and many others in immediate danger! About 100 meters of the overpass buried vehicles and pedestrians, quickly setting off a frantic rescue operation. Civilians and authorities did everything they could to save those trapped on the rubble, but most didn't make it. They were later replaced by hard hatted rescue crews, who worked through the night to clear the mess. At least eighty people were pulled out of the rubble in suffering injuries but at least still alive! "They are coming to the end of the operations. More or less the debris has been cleared. If they don't find anyone by the end of tonight they will stop the search." What will happen to IVRCL, and what will India come to?


This is important because of the many life's lost! Police blame the Indian Construction Company who faces charges of attempted murder, mischief, and criminal conspiracy. Though the road was under construction and was not in use, the victims dis-obeyed the rules by using it. To put others in danger, that is a selfish act. This is important because both sides made mistakes. If the roads may have been more constructed by the IVRCL the overpass may not have collapsed. Alhough if the victims would have listens to laws, it wouldn't even matter how well the roads were made. What to you think?

Where- The streets of Kolkata Girish Park Area. When- Fri. April 1, 2016


I believe that the IVRCL construction company should not be blamed for the overpass collapsing. The victims should definitely not have been using the roads if under construction. They were putting many in immediate danger including themselves. Of course the bridge would not have been perfectly constructed when it is still being built, so if the victims would not have used the off-limits roads, this whole thing may mot have happened! What go you think?