Timmlyn Schroeder and Katelyn Wulff

Learning Group & Student Spotlight

Timmyln Schroeder

Major: Dual Education

What the SSS program means to her: SSS means meeting friends and being truly connected to the family.

Favorite part of Peer Mentor program: My favorite part of the peer mentor program is being close to people with the same major that I have. It's a super easy way to connect with people with the same interests.

Favorite aspect of college: My favorite college experience thus far would be meetings new friends. I didn't know anyone coming to college unless that were a lot older than me so coming here opened a new door to many new friendships.

Katelyn Wulff

Major: Nursing

What the SSS program means to her: Student Support Services, to me, means a place where first generation students like myself can meet and talk about our experiences as new college freshman.

Favorite part of Learning Groups: My favorite part of learning group is being able to ask question that might seem obvious to other college students without being afraid that my peers, or Peer Mentors, will judge me.

Continuing with Peer Mentors next year?: I plan on continuing with the Peer Mentor program next year, and I hope to become a Peer Mentor in the future.

Favorite aspect of college: My favorite part of college so far are the new friends and professors that I have met.

Rating college experience thus far: I would rate my experience so far as a 9.