Freshman Year

What I enjoyed most?

The thing i enjoyed the most is playing on the soccer team because it was fun and it was different playing against people I never played against before.I also enjoyed it the most because i got to know upper class men and got along with them the boys soccer team is fun to play on because the team is fun to be around.They might run you a lot but that's OK it just makes us not tired in our games.

3 things I learned

The first thing I learned is that if i try hard enough i can actually get good grades instead of not trying and getting bad grades.The second thing i learned was that the teachers are a lot nicer than i thought they would be.The last thing is that there is many things you can do when you are in high school.

3 things i participated in

goals for next year

My goals for next year is to keep getting good grades and stay out of trouble next year.Those are my to major goals for next year.The reason why is because it is the most important ones to have.

plans for the summer