Origami Owl Fundraiser

Benefiting Organizations, Youth Groups, Missions etc

You're Invited...

Host your own online and catalog fundraiser featuring Origami Owl Custom Jewelry.

up to 30% of the proceeds will be donated to your Organization, Youth Group, Sports Group, Mission trip etc in effort to assist with financial needs.

Experience the newest trend in fully customizable jewelry by visiting the Origami Owl website www.carlanew.origamiowl.com

It only takes a few minutes to set up a fundraiser and your supports will be able to create stylish one-of-a-kind jewelry, choosing special pieces that reflect who you are and what you love by shopping online or by looking through a catalog which we call Take Out Menus to make their selection.

Our signature item is the living locket which is filled with charms that tell your unique story. Customize your locket with hand-stamped metal plates, dangles and custom chains.

If you have questions or would like to host an Origami Owl Fundraiser feel free to contact Designer Carla New at carla@designalocket.com or 614-859-5859.

How To Shop and Support A Fundraiser Online

If your supporters would like to place an order online, they can shop online at www.carlanew.origamiowl.com or they can contact Designer Carla New at carla@designalocket.com or 614-859-5859.

If ordering online, they can enter a unique jewelry bar code at the end of checkout that will link their order to your online event. That is how credit will be given for their order. At the end of the selling period, all sales will be totaled and your group will receive a donation of up to 30% of retail sales.

Feel free to contact Carla with any questions. carla@designalocket.com or 614-859-5859.

Carla New, Origami Owl Independent Designer #1022

Hello, I am Carla New, Independent Designer/ Director with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. If you are not familiar with Origami Owl, we are a ground floor direct sales company that specializes in customizable jewelry. Our signature product is the living locket which can be filled with charms that tells your special story. I invite you to visit my website, fan page or contact me for more information.
Carla New, Designer #1022