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Time to shine: STAARs are here!

While tests have increasing importance, they are just one measure of student learning, so try to keep the process in perspective. If you remain calm, chances are your students will probably feel calmer, too.

Even though not all of us have a "main role" in testing, we all can benefit and support our Mustangs and Polar Bears that do, by following the advise on these links:



Frozen Parody for STAAR

What I learned from Dr. Stephen Krashen

Language Acquisition

I recently had the opportunity to attend a conference about Effective Second Language Acquisition with Dr. Stephen Krashen. Bottom-line of his message in support of second language acquisition is reading! He encourages Free Voluntary Reading, based on studies and evidence that show that those who do more recreational reading, demonstrate better development in reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary for first and second language acquisition.

If you have not heard or read anything from him before, as an ESL/bilingual teacher you must check his work. His website is a compilation of his articles and books on language acquisition and you may access them right away.


In addition, have you ever wondered about what is behind the idea of teaching language through the content? This link has interesting information:



SIOP Tidbits

April Focus

Component 8: Review & Assessment

Throughout the lesson, and especially at the end, it is important to determine how well students have understood and have retained key vocabulary and content concepts. The determination of whether to move on or offer additional instruction and support is the key to effective assessment and instruction. It is important to assess student learning and effective teaching. Under this component, effective sheltered instruction involves the following features:

27. Comprehensive review of key vocabulary

28. Comprehensive review of key content concepts

29. Regular feedback to students on their output

30. Assessment of student comprehension and learning of all lesson objectives (e.g., spot checking, group response) throughout the lesson


Adapted from Making Content Comprehensible for English Language Learners, The SIOP Model by Jana Echevarria, Mary Ellen Vogt and Deborah J. Short.

Component 8: Review and Assessment



Technology Integration

Check these 65 Free-Interactive Whiteboard Resources and have your SmartBoard be part of your daily classroom routine.


21st Century Education

21st Century Education

Even though not a short read, is interesting to learn about the "Patterns of Innovation": what 21st Century Learning Environments look like:


Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

More than 40 years of research shows when families and schools work together, student achievement increases, and schools improve.


It is very important to continue reaching-out for our students' parents. Our partnership with them do make a different in their child's education.

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