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October 26, 2020

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Monday, Oct. 26 - Red Ribbon Week Starts - Wear Red

Tuesday, Oct. 27 - Red Ribbon Week - Mix-and-Match Clothes or Dress Tacky

Wednesday, Oct. 28 - Red Ribbon Week - Wear Your Favorite Hat

Thursday, Oct. 29 - Red Ribbon Week - Wear Crazy Hair

Thursday, Oct. 29 - 10:45 Preschool a.m. - Class Parties/Parade

Thursday, Oct. 29 - 2:30 Preschool p.m. - Class Parties/Parade

Friday, Oct. 30 - End of 1st Quarter

Friday, Oct. 30 - Red Ribbon Week - Wear your Halloween Costume or PJS

Friday, Oct. 30 - 2:30 K-4 - Class Parties/Parade

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Fall Parties and Costumes

Please help us make our Fall Parties awesome for your students!! Teachers may be reaching out in regards to items that can be sent in that day. I also wanted to provide some clarifying information on costumes. Reminder, that students may also choose to wear PJs on Friday if they prefer.

  • Costumes must be appropriate for school. At Edgerton, we serve students from three years old (Early Childhood) to Fourth Grade. Horror and gory costumes are not appropriate for school. A good rule of thumb is to consider if a three-year-old would be frightened by a costume. If so, then it should not be brought to school. Thank you for your help in keeping our costumes appropriate for a school setting.
  • Costumes and accessories resembling weapons or weapon look-alikes are prohibited at school. This includes platsic/fake knives, swords, guns, spears, etc and any other items that look like weapons.
  • Students should wear a costume that will allow them to learn throughout the day. For example, no masks or inflatable costumes should be worn to school.

Lastly, we have finalized a few of the details for the parade that I want to share with you. Our parade will be broadcast through out Edgerton Elementary Facebook Page starting at 10:45 on 10/29 for PreK AM and 2:30 PM on 10/29 for PreK PM and then again at 2:30 on 10/30 for Grades K-4.

We hope you can join us to see all our students on those days!!!

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Edgerton Elementary Families,

We care about the whole child which includes mental health and wellness. Mrs. Prignitz (school counselor) and the district counselors/social workers are intentional about doing what we can to support the mental health of our students at school and we are happy to partner with wonderful providers in our community as well.

We are excited to share this virtual event with you and hope you can plan to attend! Mark your calendars and add this zoom link:

Additionally, here is a great resource to help determine if your child would benefit from additional mental health support.


As the weather continues to get colder, it's important to know what the USD231 elementary handbook says on the topic. Please note, the handbook was updated to read as follows:

"The ability to hold recess outdoors is dependent upon the weather. The following factors are taken into consideration when deciding if recess will be held outdoors:

  • temperature (too hot or too cold), combined with cloud cover
  • wind chill
  • heat index
  • air quality
  • significant precipitation

Teachers may take their class out briefly for fresh air at their discretion. Students should be prepared for sudden changes in Kansas weather.

Remember masks must still be worn this school year while outdoors despite the temperature.

Remote Students Picture Day - Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - More information to follow

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Just wanted to send a reminder about what the Johnson County Health Department guidelines are for exclusion this year.

The primary symptoms of COVID-19 in children include a new cough, difficulty breathing or loss of taste/smell. Secondary symptoms in children are extreme fatigue, congestion or runny nose, chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, headache and muscle or body aches. Children with at least ONE primary symptom or TWO or more secondary symptoms will be excluded from school. There are 3 options for parents. If you choose not to have your child seen by a physician, then the student must quarantine for 10 day after their symptoms began. Option number 2, see a physician and if the physician decides not to order a COVID test then we will need a note from the doctor saying the symptoms are due to a non-infectious diagnosis and the student can be readmitted to school prior to their symptoms resolving. Option 3, If the doctor orders a COVID test (non-Rapid) the student must quarantine at home until results are back. We will then need a copy of the results in order for the student to return to school.

I know this can be frustrating because a lot of these symptoms are similar to a cold or the flu, but these are the guidelines from the Health Department that we have to uphold in order to try to keep us all safe and healthy. Please let me know if you have any questions - you can reach me at 913-856-3509 or by email Thank you ~ Lisa-Nurse

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