Andrew Jackson

Hero of the Year!

Spoils System

Jackson help many people into political jobs. Most of the men were hired because they supported Jackson through the election, even though that is sort of unfair for others running for that specific job Jackson still got many unemployed people to now have a top position.

Favored Man

During the time of the election while voting was going on, Jackson was the favorite of most because he came from a poor family that had money troubles , and lived in an average log cabin like the rest of the poor people. They also liked him because they knew he could understand the difficulties of a hard life.

Old Hickory; Strong and Sturdy

War Record

Jackson helped us in the 1814 Battle of New Orleans. It was the most memorable battle against Britain, because they had new and improved army and we still came on top.

National Bank Win

Jackson thought that national banks only helped the wealthy and rich. since he is a "common man" he knows how it feel to be poor so he thinks destroying the national bank will help. In the picture the national bank members look like satan and the man behind satan is rejoicing that the national bank is gone.