GOAL Newsletter


Hello GOAL Families!

We have had a great week in GOAL!

Upcoming Events

  • Please send 14 blank Valentines to be filled out during class next week. Please have your participant leave them completely blank so they will be able to do the activity in class.
  • Valentine's Day exchange: February 10-12 we will be exchanging valentines with our homeroom. You may bring extras for friends not in your homeroom but that is entirely optional.

Social Skills

Continued our lesson on dealing with annoying behavior.

Bible Study

Group began the story of Joseph. Like Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham before him, Joseph learned that even at his loneliest point in life, God was there taking care of him.

Cooking and Nutrition

  • Discussed portion sizes
  • Compared recommended serving sizes to familiar objects.
  • A serving of meat should be the size of a deck of cards.

Fitness classes

  • Walking Club on Monday
  • Wii Dance Disney on Wednesday

Expressive Literacy Journal Topics

  • What did you sing at Karaoke night at Club 321?
  • What did you do instead of going to Club 321?
  • Practiced writing "2016" as well as personal information

Community Skills

Scavenger hunt at Target was a huge success!

Skills for Independence

  • Continued talking about hygiene.
  • Played "guess the hygiene product"
  • Looked through magazines and found all the hygiene ads.
  • Discussed name brands and preferences to certain brands.


  • Reviewed vocabulary words
  • Read about ice
  • Worked on remembering that water freezes at 32 degrees

Creative Arts

  • Worked on Gator Gala projects
  • Worked on Valentine's Day projects

SE Library

Have been filling gift bags that are given to the youngest patrons

Green Teams

  • Talked about what freezing does to plants
  • Learned how to care for plants when its cold


Skyped Mrs. E and Ms. Warren and learned about the benefits of video-chatting.


  • Continued playing war.
  • Played "Roll and Color the Number"

Have a wonderful weekend!

GOAL Staff

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