Mrs. Coleman's Weekly News!

April 4-8!

Literacy Activities!

This week in Language Arts we worked on Literacy Centers focused on writing using correct case, form and phonetic spelling. They read and reviewed chick/duck books and wrote facts about them, wrote sight words on dry erase boards in sentences, and wrote words that they created with letter cubes and worked with a timer to write as many words as they could with their partner. We also created chick journals that they are writing in on certain days of chick development. The chick journals have a coloring portion and writing portion for particular development days.
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Math Skills!

This week in Math we focused on addition/subtraction through 15, money review, and tally review. They played an addition/subtraction board game with their partner, reviewed coin amounts using money domino cards, and wrote tallies for given numbers on paper to show tallies through number 25.

Science/Social Studies!

This week we began our lifecycle unit on chicks! Everyone is very excited to learn about chick development, and track their growth using the calendar and journals. We hope to have a successful hatch! Today we are on day number 5! Monday we will be looking through all the eggs using the overhead and able to see our eggs that are growing!
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Specialty link!

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Next Friday No Specials! April 15!

SAT 10 Testing April 18-21!

Specials as usual on Friday 22nd!

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