The Victorious Walkers

Segregation no more! Ending the problem FOREVER.

Her Contribution

What did Rosa Parks really do for the boycott?

Rosa Parks contributed the spark for the boycott and the civil rights movements from start to finish. The question "why was it Rosa Parks?" has still gone unanswered. Rosa Parks contributed many educational means to several kids and students to inform them on what is the right thing to to do when they would go back on the buses if the boycott was a success or not. She really provided a lot of education to the younger education during this boycott.

Rosa Parks

Who was Rosa Parks?

Rosa Parks was a young girl that was determined to end the segregation and bring it to equal rights for every color, race and religion. Rosa Parks was born February 4, 1913, Tuskegee AL and died October 24, 2005, Detroit MI. Rosa Parks will forever be an idol in African American history. She will always be remembered as "the girl with a dream".

The "B" Word

The boycott

to refuse to have dealings with a person, organization or refuse to buy a product as a protest. Boycotts are used to end something were one group of citizens disagrees with one law or rule and the other group of citizens agrees with the one rule or law. Boycotts can also be very useful and will definitely stop segregation or any other big problem if won. If not won, the boycott will still go down in history and the boycotters hearts.

This text

This text highlights just some of the key elements in the civil right movement that lead to the end of segregation. Remember always follow your dreams just like the Civil Right Movement leaders did.