Shining in First Grade

Weekly Updates in Mrs. Graham's Class

Events for February 8-12 (Black Week)

Each day has a theme for Kindness Challenge Week! Please help your child participate.

Monday: Kindness is in our Hearts: Wear Red
Please return February reading calendars and leveled readers.

Tuesday: Crazy for Kindness: Wear Crazy Socks and Hair

Wednesday: Be a Hero, Be Kind: Dress like your hero or superhero
Practice Spelling Test

Thursday: Dreaming of a Kind World: Wear your pajamas
Final Spelling Test

Friday: Score Points by Helping Others: Wear your favorite team colors
Extra Library Checkout

Valentine's Day

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day at school on Friday,

February 12th at 12:05. That day we will be exchanging valentines with one another. Please have your child bring their valentines by 8:30 that day or before, and have them sign his/her name on each card so that whomever receives it will know who it is from. This is a good opportunity for students to practice reading and writing their classmates' names.

Names: Sophie, Allyson, Jaylee, Jarrin, Zoe, Brooklyn, Taylor, Drew, Rylan, Julian, Eli, Wyatt, Megan, Natalie, Isaac, Layne, Zaiden, Savannah, Jordyn


I plan to meet with all of you about your child's progress. I have set aside two nights to do this. The first night will be Monday, February 22nd from 4:00-8:00. The second night will be Thursday, February 25th from 4:00-8:00. I am giving parents the choice of signing up for their conference. Several of you have already signed up using the link:

If these nights or times do not work with your schedule please let me know. I would be happy to meet with you on a different day if needed.

If I have not heard from you, I will send a note home with a date and time for your conference.

Thanks so much!


Weekly Vocabulary: came, know, out, she, there (Highlighted in PAWS notebook)
Spelling Words: by, my, why, yes, yell, try, you, your
Spelling Sentences:
1. Why did you yell at my cat?
2. I see your dog by the green rug.

Nightly Reading: Our February reading goal is to read 300 minutes. Students will receive a pizza certificate for reaching their reading goal this month.
Counting: Practice counting with your child by 10's, 5's, and 2's beginning at zero all the way to 120! Have your child write these number patterns.

What can I reinforce at home?

Reading: We will identify antonyms (opposite meaning words) and pronouns (he, she, I, him, her)

Don’t forget that students have vocabulary cards in their pencil pouches in their PAWS
folders. Please practice these often. Have them use the word in a sentence or even
have them write the word forming a complete sentence.

We will begin to transfer our addition skills into subtraction.

Pathways: We will be working on words that end in ks or x.

Please have your child bring a HEAVY coat, hat, and gloves to school each day. If your child brings snow boots to school they will be able to play in the snow.

Upcoming Events

February 12: 1:00 Dismissal and Valentine's Party 12:05-12:50
Room Parents: Jessica James, Alicia Falkenbury, Emily Green
February 19: Spring Pictures
February 26: No School