U Bout 2 Lern Bout Me

Roy Garland

What do you hope to accomplish during high school?

During high school I hope to keep my closest friends around, get pretty good grades, join some clubs, get taller and possibly get in the top 10 percent.

What do you see yourself doing after high school?

I see myself going to Texas A&M for 4-6 years, graduating and getting a high paying job in some type of engineering.
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What do you hope your life will be like in your 20's?

  • 18-24 school and crappy jobs
  • 24-25 job searching/offers
  • 26-29 money

3 things to improve your health

  1. Eating slightly better
  2. Sleeping more
  3. Looking both ways when I cross the street. Check, check, double check

At home I like to...

During school year: I don't spend all that much time at home but when I am home I like to hang out with my girlfriend after school, watch youtube, surf the internet, and watch tv.

During summer: I like sleep all day at home, play xbox, watch tv, surf the internet, stay up all night, and sleep some more.

At school I like to...

I like to see my friends and girlfriend. That's all I like to do at school.

People I like to hang out with...

I can't really put a stereotype to the people I hang out with. I just hang out with people I've known for a long time but they all come from different backgrounds and like different stuff.

I am good at...

Nothing really. I guess I'm pretty good at school but I have no hobbies or talents that I would say I'm good at.

A quality I like about myself and a quality I'd like to change.

I like my intelligence. I've been told that I'm pretty smart and my grades are good and understand a lot pretty easily so that's kinda cool. I'd like to change the fact that I can never choose one thing. It's the reason I don't have any talents. I can't choose something I want to stay with and improve on. I'm okay at everything but I'm not good at anything.
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Something new I'd like to try.


I'm kidding. I have no idea what i'd want to try

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What do you feel like are positives and negatives on your health today?


  • I exercise 3 days a week in the mornings and evenings.
  • I eat pretty healthily.
  • I have good friends.

  • I don't get enough sleep at all.

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