Ashley Wu's Science 6 Page

This smore is to share and reflect on my learning.

An intro to me - Ashley Wu

Hello! My name is Ashley (as you can tell ;) ). I have an amazing mom and dad and my little brother Nathan, who is pesky at the worst possible times (don't worry I still love him :P). I enjoy hanging with my friends, reading, and having fun (it doesn't really matter how).

Introduction to Science 6

The things we learned in or Intro to Science 6 are: how to use a microscope, the parts of a microscope, how to use a triple beam balance, how to read a metric ruler, how to read longitude and latitude, and how to make qualitative and quantitative observations.

My Favorite Activity

My favorite Science 6 Intro activity was looking at the different slides. You can see an example above (the goldfish scale). Payton (my elbow partner)and I looked at many slides, including an onion epidermis and a duck feather. I liked this unit the most because of the many different objects we could look at under the microscope.
Big image

Onion Epidermis

The picture above is a close-up of an onion epidermis under a 40X magnification.