Don't be Naive

What you need to know about puberty and sex

Knowledge is Power

  1. Puberty

  2. STDs

  3. Contraception

  4. Sexuality

  5. Sexual Behavior

  6. Emotional and Social Implications of Sex


For most of us, we can remember what it was like going through puberty. It was a scary start as our bodies were changing and preparing us for adulthood. For some of us though, it is just beginning and those who haven't gone through it should be informed that everything will be just fine. First things first that you should know young reader, is that boys and girls experience puberty differently. For girls, puberty usually begins around the age of 10, in which you young ladies will start to develop breasts and experience menarche, also known as your first menstrual period. DON'T BE ALARMED! This is the beginning to you becoming a woman, you will experience bleeding as your body is shedding the uterine lining due to being unfertilized. This will occur every month after the first one and they last anywhere from 3-7 days. As for boys, puberty begins between the ages of 9 and 14. Most boys start growing hair everywhere, their voices tend to change and you can notice a substantial amount of height growth has started occurring.
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's)

Sexually Transmitted diseases is something to fear and to take precaution with. Being well informed about the types of diseases is a start but their are also ways to prevent ever being infected. First things first, what is a STD? An STD is a disease that is passed through sexual contact. There are three types of STD's: bacterial, parasitic and viral. The following link has information about the different kinds of STD'S (as there are too many to list) ,more specifically what they are and how they affect your body.

Most importantly, the number one thing you need to know is this can be prevented and that not every disease has a cure.

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As mentioned before, STD's are preventable, and so is unwanted pregnancies. The way to prevent these from happening is with the use of contraception. The good thing about this is that there is contraception for both males and females. The most commonly used form of contraception for females is the birth control pill, although this protects against unwanted pregnancies it doesn't prevent the contraction of an STD. That's where males can come into play with the use of a condom, it is proven to be 99.9% affective in preventing both from happening if used correctly. For females, the use of the pill isn't the only contraception, as vaginal condoms, spermicide, IUD's such as the nuvaring, and shot injections are available. There is also the Plan B pill, which is not to be taken as a form of contraception, but as a back up emergency in case a condom broke or unprotected sex occurred.
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Sexuality in adults comes in many forms. There is being single, dating exclusively and around, hooking up, friends with benefits, cohabitation and marriage. As teens we experience dating, for most its of the opposite sex and for some its of the same sex. The most common form of sexuality in young adults in their early to mid 20's is friends with benefits. The only benefit to this is sex, with no emotional attachment to one another. As people who have chosen to have a significant other but don't believe in marriage or choose not to want to be married, will cohabitate, or live with one another without the title of marriage. As times have changed, more states are becoming more supportive of opposite sex relationships and marriages.
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Sexual Behavior

Sexual behavior isn't something to be embarrassed about although it should be kept private between you and your sexual partner(s). Although sexual behavior is most commonly done with another person it can also be done alone. This is known as masturbation, both males and females are capable of self stimulation in order to reach orgasm. There are individual techniques that are used by both males and females, which can include the use of self stimulating toys from sex shops such as vibrators, dildos and cock rings. Intercourse isn't the only form of sexual behavior that we as human beings experience. There is oral stimulation. self stimulation, "69" in which both partners are stimulated at the same time and anal stimulation with both oral and penetration techniques.
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Social and Emotional Implications of Sex

Having intercourse or being sexually active with a person, can not only being physically draining, it can also be emotionally draining. Most young people don't realize that the act of sex can take an emotional toll on them. The emotional feelings can stem from the connection they may feel or have made while engaging in sex, in which this can leave people feeling vulnerable. This in turn can make anyone have the frame of mind in which the feelings don't feel mutual. In most cases, women often times feel this way and more often than not, they become attached to the person quickly, which may lead to that sexual partner feeling trapped and not wanting to continue with the current situation.
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