Predator Hunting

And the Dangers that Go with it

Where and why?

In Yellowstone National Park, the wolves have been disappearing do to legal hunting. Originally, humans having been hunting the wolves to protect the land and property near to the park, in addition to poachers stealing the wolves. However because of the inferred property threats, younger wolves grew up with out teachers and have been ing going after the weakest animals, like sheep and cattle, furthering the cycle of why the wolves should be killed and why not.

Environmental Impact

Dangers and Solutions

When the wolves are over persecuted, the elk and other primary and secondary consumers are over populated and some populations end up taking too much of the resources in an area, crowding out the less dominate consumers. This lowers a communities diversity and makes in more susceptible to large population shifts.

Some laws have already been passed, and to keep the hunting and trapping to a season (like with hunting other animals). And by tracking the wolves, researchers and specialists are able to better help the wolves and are trying to re balance the community.

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