Pk3.1 Weekly Newsletter

September 24th, 2015- Week#6

Hello Pk Parents,

This week we started our new unit all about balls. The reason we decided to investigate balls was simply because, children love them! Throwing them, catching them, kicking them, rolling them, the enjoyment seems to be endless! We packed Monday full to make up for losing a day at the end of the week. With the introduction to balls and celebrating peace day you children had many things to explore and discover! On peace day we celebrated by all wearing white and taking a group photo. During our flag ceremony we explained what “Peace” means and why we celebrate it. Inside the classroom we made dream catchers out of paper plates, yarn and feathers to signify our "Dream of Peace". Thanks to all the parents who donated, we were able to make a big batch of bread to donated it to the elementary bake sale. The class really enjoyed playing with the dough and forming a (you guessed it!) ball! The elementary bake sale raised over $2,000 to donate to the refugee crisis in Europe. We squeezed in a little ball discussion when I asked "What is your favorite ball to play with?" I got a wide range of answers that lead into conversations on what we can do with balls and all the games/sports we can use them for. On Tuesday we examined 2 different balls (koosh ball and basketball) and talked about the differences and similarities between the two. We had many conversations about the question “do all balls roll? Are all ball a circle? Do all balls bounce?” On Wednesday we put these questions to the test when parents joined us at the playground for a few minutes of free play! The kids were able to really explore different types of balls and fun games you can play with a partner. I saw some kids rolling the balls down the slide and hill, many kids playing toss with a parent or a friend. We were having so much fun that I completely forgot to snap pictures! Thursday, reminisced about the wonderful time we had with the parents and which ball chose to play with. During a group discussion, I held up a ball and a CD and asked “Are these the same? How are they different?” Your kids learned the word "SPHERE" while discussing the differences. (I encourage you to talk about at home whenever the opportunity presents itself!) This week packed full of smiles and working minds, we definitely laid a good foundation to build on! Below I added some photos of our updated centers and games we've been playing inside the classroom.

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In our Dramatic center we created an Ice Cream Shop where your child is able to make little ice creams out of balls! Its, also fun to try and stack them up! :)
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We added many new books about balls! If you have any books about balls please feel free to send them in to share! :)
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Here we added many different kinds of balls to explore (koosh balls, Magnetic balls, bouncy balls, ect.) We had clipboards and paper to write down things we learned or draw a picture.


We added a game in block area this week, made out of blocks and a plastic table cloth. We tested how to roll them and at the end of the week added numbers to hit! We enjoyed this game so much that on Thursday, we shared it at the playground with the other classes!
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September 25th- NO SCHOOL

October 2nd- Jean day (See flyer below for more details)

October 17th – Relay for life FANLYC (see flyer below for details)

October 26th- @7:35 we will be taking our Yearbook Pictures

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Enjoy your long weekend!


Ms. Rebekka