Newton's Laws

By: Edwin Garcia

newton's 1st law

1st law: An object at rest stays at rest unless a force acts on it and an object stays in motion unless a force acts on it.

Example: A seat-belt stops you from hitting the windshield from a sudden stop of the car.

Why?- This shows how when the car stops you would still move, but the seat-belt stops you from moving forward.

Newton's 2nd law

2nd law: An object's acceleration depends on the mass of an object and the amount of force applied.

Example: A 13lb bowling ball goes down faster on the lane than a 16lb bowling ball.

Why?- It's easier to push the 13lb bowling ball because it doesn't weigh as much as the 16lb bowling ball.

Newton's 3rd law

3rd law: Forces come in pairs. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Example: A fireman turns on the hose and gets pushed backwards.

Why?- The hose being turned on would be the action, while the fireman being pushed back would be the reaction.