Parent Peek at the Week

Week of October 11th, 2021

In case you missed it....

Important Dates

Monday, October 11th - Day 0


Tuesday, October 12th - Day 5

  • 12:45pm: First Subway hot lunch of the year!

Wednesday, October 13th - Day 1

Thursday, October 14th - Day 2

  • 12:45: Boston Pizza Hot Lunch

Friday, October 15th - Day 3

  • First Cougar Courage awards of the year

Upcoming days:

  • ??? 2 surprise fire drills
  • October 19th - day all IEP's must be completed for students with this support
  • October 21st: First lockdown drill

Cougar Courage Awards

They're back! We know how much our students appreciate being recognized, and we love reminding them when they've done great things!

Starting this Friday, 2 students from each class will be recognized each week for their wonderful personality traits, using their strategies or a great commitment to learning.

Coming soon to a back pack near you!!

Oral Language Support

Oral language skills are critical for a child’s school success, their ability to have positive interactions with others and their overall well-being.

Below, please find a resource from our KPR Board office that might inspire learning activities at home for our Kindergarten and Grade 1/2 friends!

Big picture
Big picture

School Council Meeting

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the first School Council Meeting of the year. Congratulations to the following people who were elected to the Council:

Sarah Amirault - Chair

Rachel MacLean - Secretary

Karen Murduff - Treasurer

After elections and reports, we spent some time considering initiatives to support this year and fundraising we would need to do in order to cover the costs.

The minutes from our meeting are posted below. Our next meeting will be on Monday, November 1st at 6:30pm on WebEx.

Please feel free to join us!

Communication and Information Forms

Every year each KPR school asks families important questions around information and communication topics. Last year this was done electronically by the board office, but we had a hard time getting information from each family. This year we’re trying something new!

This past weekend, a personal email was sent to the parents of each student that had not yet completed the form (no email means you've done it!). Please make sure you complete this form by the end of the week, or we'll assume that you have not given permission for any of the questions being asked.

Hot Lunch Program

We are thrilled that after a year, we are able to get our hot lunch program up and running again - and we know you're excited too!!

This week is our first hot lunch days - 47 students will be enjoying Subway on Tuesday and almost 60 will have Boston Pizza on Thursday. It's never too late to sign up! You can order one lunch at a time, or several weeks/months at once too. Whatever is easiest for you! All funds go to support School Council initiatives.

Please go to to sign up and place your orders. No money or orders are done through the school. For more information, please see below!

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From the KPR board office



KPR is pleased to welcome volunteers, placement students and third-party contractors back into our schools, with approval of a new vaccination disclosure process for this group. For the health and safety of all, the following people must complete a vaccine attestation form and provide proof of vaccination before assisting in a school setting:

  • volunteers including parents, guardians and community members
  • college/university placement students (including teacher and nursing candidates as well as early childhood education, education assistant or child and youth worker students).

Volunteers and placement students can complete the vaccine attestation form here. Fully vaccinated individuals have priority at this time. Unvaccinated people may be able to volunteer at a later date, with rapid COVID testing measures.

After completing the attestation form, volunteers and placement students must print or bring an electronic copy of their vaccination receipt to the school when volunteering. You can obtain proof of vaccination at .

Third party providers such as bus drivers, professional services and contractors complete the attestation process through their employer. We thank them all for their cooperation as we welcome them back to our schools!

Virtual High School Transitions

Students can transfer between the Virtual High School and in-person learning at the start of each quadmester by contacting Guidance staff at their home school within the following timelines:

Quadmester Transfer Timelines

Quadmester 2 (November 11-January 31) November 1-17, 2021

Quadmester 3 (February 1-April 20) January 20-February 7, 2022

Quadmester 4 (April 21-June 30) April 8-27, 2022

For elementary students, transition times will be mid-November, early February and spring 2022. We will share more specific details once they are confirmed. Elementary families wishing to move their children between virtual and in-person learning will need to contact the principal of their home school.

Rita Russo

Director of Education

One more thing....

As part of our adult learning around social/emotional learning and self-regulation (yes - adults work on this as well!), we've spent some time as staff thinking about the power of our perceptions. Things aren't always as they seem. A child acting out (as you well know) might be tired, hungry or lack the strategies to work through a problem at a given time. As adults, we constantly have the power to change our perception. To that end, here is a little thought for this week.....
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