Learning Something New Every Day

Mr. Armenta's Classroom


Greetings, my name is Jorge Armenta, I just received my degree from the prestigious University of Houston and I am eager to meet my 4th grade students and parents for the first time. I was a child once too and those were the best years of my life, I feel blessed to have been granted the opportunity of guiding our future generation towards success. I come from a large Hispanic family that loves and enjoys sports, especially baseball. Go Astros!


Growing up my parents spent too much time working and they hardly interacted with my teachers. As your child's instructor I hope to break those trends and be more familiar with all of my student's family and culture. I am an open book and want to continue to fill in my pages with different knowledge.



I plan on taking two trips with my students this school year, to the wonderful Science Museum and Minute Maid Park. It won't be easy for me to do it alone so I will reach out to parents who would like to volunteer as chaperons, or you parents are more than welcome and reach out to me as well. It will be a great opportunity to experience with classmates a different environment.

Minute Maid

Rules and Policies

My Rules and Procedures will be plain and simple however I will not be the one to dictate them. On the first day of class the students will go over what rules should be enforced in the classroom. I will then choose the most common and logical rules and laminate them in order to post them in front of the classroom. I expect for my students to abide by the rules they will soon create.

Contact Information

I believe communication between the parent and the teacher so I strongly encourage you to pay me a visit before or after school time. I will be in my room 30 minutes before class starts and 1 hour after it ends, so please if there any concerns don't hesitate to come by. If it's not possible to meet face to face feel free to send me an e-mail, call, or text. Thank you and I look forward to developing healthy relationships with my student's parents that will benefit them. Jorge.Armenta@yahoo.com Cell: 832-677-1085