Nuclear Fusion Press Release

By: Morgan Casey

Wednesday December, 9

Hello and thanks for coming out tonight. We are gathered here tonight to celebrate the great discovery of nuclear fusion. Together my company "M-case" and I put together a brand new energy source that we call nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is basically when two or more atomic nuclei collide at a high speed and combine to form a new nucleus. Matter is not conserved in this process because some of the matter of the fusing nuclei is converted into energy. Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission are often compared but they are actually the complete opposite. In nuclear fission energy is produced when you split one atom into two atoms. For nuclear fusion energy to form two atoms have to join together to form one. Nuclear fusion also creates much more energy than nuclear fission does. Some safety concerns and precautions you may have when using nuclear fusion the possibility of a fuel melt down, radioactive waste and the possible release of tritium. When using nuclear energy there is no energy limits and it is much cheaper. Fusion research including construction is less than $2 billion a year, not even 0.05% of the market. This can definitely impact our economy because energy would be more affordable and would have better access. Thank you all once again for coming out tonight to celebrate the great discovery of nuclear fusion. We really appreciate the support!