By Jordan Schnackenberg


For the population for 2014 it is 35 million that is all i can say because i can not find the population for the men and women so now lets move onto the population for 2015.

The population for Canada in 2015 it is 35,705,159 million people.For boys the population is 17,714,411 million people.For the woman there are 17,990,749 for there are more woman than men that live in Canada.But on the page am on it keeps going up so there might be more than it says.Here is a link in case you want to go look for your

Canada most popular food

Canada most popular food maple syrup you all know Canada is know for there maple syrup.The other one is bacon I do not know why bacon is one of there top favorite but i know bacon is good.The other one is poutine.I did not know what poutine was so if you do not know am going tell you wahat putine is poutine is a dish with french fries toped with cheese curds and gravy so thats what poutine is.

Canada sports

They have common sports like ice hockey and lacrosse.And then some of there other sports are football,soccer,basketball and curling.Here is something about curling so you know what it is Curling is a game played on ice. and they play with large round flat stones.The stones are slid across the maker point.The members on the team sweep the surface of the ice in the path of the stone to control its speed and direction.