National Parks

They need to be protected.

National parks protect much of the magnificent landforms on Earth: stunning landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and magestic forests. Without protecting national parks all of the flora and fauna will be gone FOREVER! Would you like that? I'd think you don't,so,get reading!
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To begin with, flora and fauna found in national parks are protected for a reason. If you don't protect National Parks flora and fauna found in the wild might get extinct because few of those plants exist in the wild. This happens when National parks are NOT protected.

The next reason is, our National parks are under attack like naever before. Do you think governments will soon ban shooting wildlife, logging forests and cattle grazing? If the government does'nt protect our wildlife we need national protectionfornational parks. The big food web is highly important such as, if grass was extinct animals that eat grass will also die and so on.
Finally, Tourism and recreationwill be damaged or even destroyed. Sacred Aboriginal places are very im portant to Aboriginal people and the don't want them to be destroyed. If people are careless and destroy sacred Aboriginal places, Aboriginal people's memorie'sand heritage will be destroyed.
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Now I'm sure that you will be convinced that we should protect national parks and the flora and fauna inside them too.