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The True Diary of a part-time Indian


Yes, I think prejudice can be overcome because we have basically overcome the prejudice over aboriginal peoples already. In the past aboriginal peoples were just like slaves, put to work with basically 0 pay, got called names, hit for no reason, and had no rights. Yes some aboriginals are still bullied for their religion but other than that, the prejudice against them has been overcome. Prejudice has a big impact on certain people's lives just like it did in Orbit's life. He got name called so much that he had to switch out of the residential school.

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My head was so big that little Indian skulls orbited around it, some of the kids called me orbit.

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Bang! Rowdy punched me

Bang! I hit the ground

Bang! my nose bled

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In fact, if you think of everybody with a body, soul, and brain as a human, then I was the exact opposite of a human.
Those quotes prove that he was bullied and that he felt inhuman but at the end of the book he feels completely different.


Oh when I think of my long-suffering race,
For weary centuries despised, oppressed,
Enslaved and lynched, denied a human place
In the great life line of the Christian West;
And in the Black Land disinherited,
Robbed in the ancient country of its birth,
My heart grows sick with hate, becomes as lead,
For this my race that has no home on earth.
Then from the dark depths of my soul I cry
To the avenging angel to consume
The white man's world of wonders utterly:
Let it be swallowed up in earth's vast womb,
Or upward roll as sacrificial smoke
To liberate my people from its yoke!


It's talking about how this kind of people feels like their not even human. But also how they stood strong and people started to leave em be


First nations that didn't go to residential school got sexually and physically abused just because of the colour of their skin.

Source: Book- Racism in Canada

Just because the colour of their skin they had to go to a different school, them making them go to real school shows their trying to get rid of the prejudice.


Your Racist Friend by They Might Be Giants

A guy from "they might be giants" named John Flansburgh said " I think everybody in the world has had an experience kind of like that. It's really about the problem of just getting through the world and understanding how prejudice exists in the world. You can't confront every person who's making an ass of themselves. But there are times when you want to. So it's really about a subtler idea than over-the-top expressions of race hate. It's more just about the culture."

He basically means to say that the racists are just jealous or scared of them because they are so different and are so special.
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This is an aboriginal person protesting, it is because of people like this, the prejudice has been overcome.