All About Monkeys

Maha Khokhar @ Edenrose Public School


Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Time of Demo:


Description of Activity: Teaching a Lesson on Monkeys

Teaching a lesson requires a few essential skills: It requires leadership and communication skills to make sure that the students understand everything that is being taught to them.


As a teacher, it is important to teach a lesson as it helps instill skills the students will be using throughout heir daily lives, such as observation and oral communication skills. Through this lesson I'll be able to see if the students are able to make predictions and observations before and after the lesson, easily able to tell the class what they have learned by listening to the book, and demonstrate basic knowledge and skills they have gained through the visual arts crafts they do.

Details of Activity:

1. During circle time ask the students what they know about Monkeys
2. Introduce the book, and tell them to remember at least one fact because they will be asked later on
3. Start to read the book and ask questions during the book
4. After the book is finished ask them if they liked the book and what they liked about the book
5. Then ask the students to state one fact the remember form the book and write it on the chart paper
6. Then I'm going to choose 4-5 students, explain the monkey craft and lead them through

Required Materials:

For the Lesson:
-A book about monkeys
-Chart paper

For the Craft:
-Construction paper
-Monkey template

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher:


Approved: Date, Time and Activity

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