My future job

( it's a Airline Pilot)


The reason I say it is a physical job is because it has to do with aerodynamics and physics.

Education Path

If I want to be an pilot I need an bachelors degree. Also bachelors degree is somewhat difficult to get. Some helpful high school courses would be algebra, calculus, geometry, mathematics for technology and engineering, and technical writing. Also I'd need an FAA approved license.

Training School And College

I plan on going to Madison Aviation College. It's a suburban school. And it's public. It's as long as till I get my FAA. It's faculty ratio is 12:1.

There is no gap needed

About the Job

Well I fly people to wherever they need to fly and it's in a plane.

Also I could make more money nationally vs in Wisconsin.

The salary is in Wisconsin 150,000+ and nationally 170,000+.