From Cotton to T-shirt

By: Haley Egli 3ac


Have you ever wonder what t-shirt are made?. T-shirts go from plant to t-shirt in the following ways.


The first thing to do is to plant the seeds. Soon the seeds will turn in to a cotton plant. A machine picks the cotton plant out of the ground.


The second step to making a t-shirt is to clean the cotton in a machine called a cottong it pulls the seed out of the cotton . Next they put the cotton in a different machine that turns it in to thread .They put all the thread and put it in a machine that make it in to clothes . When it is done they dye the cloths thin they sew the cloths to make a t-shirit .


The third step is the store . People buy t-shirts to wear and to use to cover crakes .

Interesting Facts

Here are some fun fact about t-shirt .Here are the step to make a t-shirt .

1 farming 7 sewing

2 ginning 8 pinting

3 spinning 9 Dye

4 knitting 10 finatee

5 finishing

6 utting


This was the process of making a t-shirt from cotton now that I know how to make a t-shirt I may try to make my own .
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