Newsletter # 4 by President, Jennifer Peterson

Greetings from the Gym of the President.......

Happy February day in Iowa...... It's still COLD, but the long range forecast calls for warmer weather:) How long, I don't know!

I would like to introduce myself to those of you that may be getting this newsletter for the first time.
My name is Jennifer Peterson and I am the current president for IAHPERD (The Iowa Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance). I am in my 16th year of teaching and currently live in Oskaloosa, Iowa. I teach K-5 at the largest elementary school in the state of Iowa. We have around 1,100 students K-5. Come visit! I am honored to serve as president and represent our state. It is a pleasure and I take lots of pride in doing what's best for Iowa students.

If you are unfamiliar with IAHPERD, I want you to know a few important details. This organization is here to BENEFIT teachers, students and staff and community members in any way possible. We have annual conventions, grant opportunities, Teacher of the Year in several different teaching categories as well as many resources to share.

The big news is an amazing convention that is being planned for ALL TEACHERS, STUDENTS, PROFESSORS and COMMUNITY MEMBERS in Oskaloosa, June 12-14, 2015.
Your attendance would be greatly appreciated and I promise, you will leave recharged. We are even planning to offer a graduate or renewal credit for this convention.

February has been a busy month of convention planning, attending Central District SHAPE America convention and as always, keeping up on the latest Physical Education and Health news.
As president, I am working on creating "just for member" benefits. One of which I am starting right now. I have created a google folder for ALL Iowa AHPERD members to use. It is titled, "IOWA Shared Resources for K-12 Teachers & Members." This will be a place members can drop in lesson plans, links to good PE/Health sites, videos of lessons and more, to share with each other so we can continue to be awesome at what we do. It's not meant just for teachers, our members that deal with the community heath aspect or colleges should also share documents of interest. The goal is for this to be a huge benefit for ALL of our members. College kids that are members can get great lesson ideas for that potential job interview, new teachers can connect with veteran teachers for advice and ideas. Veteran teachers can learn a new way to teach "the same old thing" to their students.

I have created a folder like this for teachers (shared on twitter) around the world. We have over 130 members and counting and a plethora of lesson plans. It is truly amazing!!! I want that same thing for IOWA. IOWA AHPERD can and will be that resource you, as a member, come to for lesson ideas, advocacy ideas, networking with other teachers, and support for your profession.

The next few months will continue to be very busy! IAHPERD is excited to bring you a new restructure layout for our Executive Board/Committee. There will be a membership vote on that around convention time. We are constantly looking for members to serve on committee's and be involved with the leadership team. If this is something you'd like to consider, please don't hesitate to contact me.

In the next newsletter, I will be sharing about a few other presenters we have coming to convention. (THEY ARE AWESOME TOO!) I will also share about our National Convention in Seattle, Washington (March 17-21). If you are on twitter, follow the #SHAPESeattle feeds for updates. I will also give an update on what PYFP is and PALS training.
If there are other ideas you want shared in my newsletter -- let me know! I am happy to share!
As the snow falls again --- Enjoy the day and keep active!



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Coming Down the Road ----
There are a few more amazing membership benefits that we are working on. The Legislative Council will be discussing this at our next meeting on April 12. I hope to bring you great news by our June convention.


1st Year (1st time) Steve France Memorial Membership -- $0
1 Year Professional Membership -- $35
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Contact IAHPERD for any additional information or to get a membership form to receive this awesome deal!

SPEAK OUT DAY! in Washington D.C.

A Message from Ben Robison, President-Elect

SPEAK Out! Day 2015

In early February, I had the distinct privilege to travel to Washington D.C. on behalf of IAHPERD as part of SHAPE America's 2015 SPEAK Out! Day. 134 Physical Educators from 37 states took to Capitol Hill to lobby on behalf of the profession. Although it seemed like whirlwind trip, it was well worth it.

This year's SPEAK Out! Day was focused around two issues: The PHYSICAL Act, which amends the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to recognize physical education and health education as core academic subjects; and support of the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP Grant).

I had spent a few weeks preparing for the trip by participating in webinars, compiling PEP Grant information, and practicing my personal experience with Everyday Phys Ed and the PEP Grant we are currently working through at Clear Creek Amana. I got on the plane confident to make a compelling argument for these issues.

I was grouped with Mike Doyle, President-Elect from Minnesota, and Iowa's Co-Ed Jennifer Schnell. Throughout the day, we had five meetings: Minnesota Senator Al Franken, staff from Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar's office, staff from Senator Chuck Grassley's office, staff from Congressman Dave Loebsack's office, and Senator Joni Ernst. I left every meeting feeling like our message was clean, articulate, passionate, and compelling. We were able to meet any push-back with statistics and facts about Phys Ed. I was able to bring real-life stories of the implications of the PEP Grant - both measurable and nonmeasurable - which rolled out of my mouth with passion I almost forgot that I had! At the end of each meeting, I invited the politicians to come and visit my school so each could experience first-hand what both the PEP Grant and daily, quality Phys Ed can do for students. We also left each with the following facts and statistics:

  • Only 21% of Schools require Health Education as classes.
  • The Obesity Epidemic carries an estimated cost of $270 Billion Annually
  • Children today are expected to have a shorter lifespan than their parents
  • 23% of deaths in America are linked to sedentary lifestyles
  • 30% of 17-24 year-olds are too overweight to serve in the US Military
  • The PEP Grant funding accounts for only .02% of the total DOE budget
  • PEP Grant funding is the only Federal funding strictly for Physical Education

Besides being an absolute blast, it was one of the coolest and most rewarding experiences that I've had in my career. I'm grateful for the opportunity that IAHPERD gave me to go, and I hope that I get the experience again in the future. If you would like more information, or would like to know how you can write your Representatives in Washington about the importance of the PEP Grant and quality Phys Ed, please do not hesitate to email me:

Be Well,


IOWA AHPERD (Iowa Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) Annual State Convention

Friday, June 12th, 8am to Sunday, June 14th, 1:30pm

201 West Trueblood Avenue

Oskaloosa, IA

Our annual state convention will be held in OSKALOOSA in June of 2015. This is a big change from our Fall convention times. There is NO FALL convention for 2015. We are trying something different. YES, it's a change, but change can be good!

INTRODUCING...... Our KEYNOTE SPEAKERS for IOWA AHPERD Convention June 12-14, 2015

Central District SHAPE America Convention February 5-7, 2015 - Moorhead, MN

Central District Sesssion Highlights from Iowa Attendee's......

Title of session:Feel the Beat with Drumming in Adapted PE

Presenter: Mike Doyle and Anne Hill

What you gleaned from it: A creative way to incorporate rhythm into class. They showed different ways of working different muscle groups as you dance while drumming.

I also just felt the time to collaborate with teachers from Iowa to share ideas that are working, struggles that we may be having and learning who are experts in certain areas so that we can rely on each other was invaluable.

Fun Movement in the Classroom and Brain Break Ideas!

This session was put on by Concordia University. The students each picked one brain break to showcase for the attendees and then we participated in each one. There were a number of brain breaks that I already do in my classes now but many more that I am excited to introduce in my classroom.

Some the games that we did were the Ear and Nose game where students have to switch touching their ear and nose all while crossing the midline. Hand Pat Spelling, in partners students each pick a six letter word and spell it out two letters at a time by patting each others hands.

There were a couple of song/dance ones. “The Little Shark”, “The Banana Song”, “Continental Drift” are a couple that I wrote down. The teacher would put the video on and students follow along with the video and do actions. I think that these could also be done in my adapted PE class as a warmup or part of the dance unit.

A game that I really liked was called Switch, Change, Rotate. The class would be in groups of 3 or 4 and stand in a single-file line facing in the same direction. When you say "SWITCH", the front and back players change places. When you say "CHANGE," the line players turn 180 degrees to face the opposite direction. When you say "ROTATE," the player at the front of the line peels off and goes to the back of the line. Once the class is able to do it in a stationary position you would have them try it while walking.

The Power of Pads- iPads That Is!

This session was great. I use my “teacher” iPad in class everyday and feel like I know most of the ins and outs of iPads and apps that go with it but I learned a lot in this session. The session started out by explaining some basic tricks for using the iPad and then went into some more advanced features and apps.


  • Explain Everything: Allows you to create presentations or digital storybooks. You can add pictures, videos, text, recordings, etc. The app seems really useful and easy to use.

  • Tellagami: Allows you to create an animated story. You get to choose your character, record your own voice, and background. This can be used by students instead of doing a power presentation.

  • Ball Strike: A fitness app that uses your camera to detect your movements. A student can stand in front of the device as the app starts putting colorful balls onto the screen. The player then moves around to try to pop each ball as they come on the screen. I can using this as a brain break or even as a station.

  • Music Beep Pacer: An app that allows you to play music while the Fitnessgram Beeper Test is playing.

  • Jump Jump Froggy: A fitness app made for children. A child holds the iPad and goes through a series of games all while jumping, running, doing sit-ups, and even push ups. Some the games include catching flies, sit-up snakes, and even pushing ants.

*”Thinking Outside the Box for Standards: Creative Ideas Common Equipment”

Many different ideas using the same equipment were demonstrated in this session. Safety and modifications for learners were included. A list of the activities as well as a website were shared. Among the equipment included in the double session: hula hoops, bean bags, cones, ropes, beanbag animals, deck rings, jump ropes, scooters and frisbees of different types. These activities were easy to set up and included an emphasis on students devising strategies and teamwork. Excellent ideas for elementary and middle school P.E. classes. Some activities high school students would enjoy as well.

Implemented already: two and four hula hoops for tinikling, hoop and beanbag relay, beanbag and pin activity. Will definitely add some jump rope ideas.

User friendly website resource from Tracy Nelson:

*Fitness Freestyled- Krump Crews for Kids”

The origins of Krump were shared as were the basic steps. The benefits of the creative expression and free style dance were shown. This activity based class was enhanced by the instructor, MacKenzie Mushel’s energy level, communication skills and the music selected. This was a new to me dance activity.

*”Outrageous Teaching Techniques in Mental and Emotional Health”

Deb Tackmann shared some lessons and materials that she utilizes in her health classes specific to mental and emotional health. She shared one on the development of communication skills and another one about longevity and goal setting. Another one was, “If you really knew me you’d know….” A relaxation technique shared is called 3-3-3, meaning before something is said wait 3 counts, 3 breaths, 3 minutes, 3 hours, share with 3 friends.

Title: Minute to Win-It-If You Can

Presenter: Diane Wyatt

This session used several stations to improve fitness, teamwork, and motor development. Stations included: Hula-Hoops with locks-must find combination to each lock, Sling shot stuffed animals towards hula-hoops, throw three frisbees to parter as they step into hula-hoops, badminton relay with 4 people in a group try to keep the birdie in the air, dance card charades, grocery bag toss-partners stand across from each other and toss plastic bag in the air then run to the other side and catch partners bag before hitting the ground-move backwards if successful, toss shoe in the air and try to make it land on a table

Title: The Power of Pads-iPads That Is!

Presenter: Vicki J. Worrell and Megan Adkins

Session spent time discussing a variety of apps, iTunesU, QR code readers, Appsmashing. Interesting apps included: explain everything, Tellegami, 7-minute workout, apps gone free. The app I was most excited about is called Anytune, which allows you to slow down music. This will be useful when teaching dance units!

Title: Overhand Throwing Activities

Presenter: Joe McCarthy

This session provided several activities kids could use to practice the overhand/underhand throw. One example I enjoyed was 5 passes – This activity is a catching and throwing game. Divide the class into teams of 4 or 6. One team will throw a ball to their team mates. If a ball is intercepted or dropped on the ground, the ball goes to the opposing team. The object of the game is to pass the ball to your teammates 5 times. After 5 completed passes, the team scores a point and the ball goes to the opposing team. First team to 5 points are the expert team.

Equipment needed - 30 Gopher Balls, 10 noodles

- Change equipment

- Change hands

- Add defenders with noodles

- Can only take 3 steps and hold for 3 seconds

- Play from one area to the other area (end zone)

- If the ball drops, ball goes to other team

- Knock down opposing pin with throw

Title: Outrageous Teaching Techniques in Mental and Emotional Health

Presenter: Debrah Tackman

Deb discussed how teachers should attempt to stay positive and not buy into the negative talk that sometimes happens in school. Students should be treated with love and teachers should try to separate emotions from discipline. Example: I really care about you, but your actions…

I liked her “no put-downs” signage she used in her classroom. Her letter from Sarah activity was very powerful. She had a volunteer stand up in front of the room with a backpack on. The student represented Sarah and her backpack represented all the baggage she might be carrying in real life. She put heavy books labeled with a variety of “baggage” such as depression, thoughts of suicide, unhealthy relationships, alcoholic parent, etc. The volunteer expressed the amount of weight was difficult to carry, can we as teachers help to remove some of the weight?

Title: Moving Matters

Presenter: Mary- Thissen-Milder

This session showed several videos and brain breaks I loved. One school had a great idea to use Jamin Minute by “challenging” other people in the school district to create a Jamin Minute routine and post it on youtube. Nike designed to move campaign had a powerful video about how today’s youth will live five years less than their parents. was a fun brain breaks website.

Title: Don’t Let the Spark Smolder

Presenter: Scott Strohmeyer

Dr. Strohmeyer provided a basic lesson plan template. He encouraged us to create an action plan using 1-3 ideas we had gotten from the convention. We needed to create a lesson plan using our new ideas and plan a date it would be completed.

@TWITTER -- Are you connecting? #professionaldevelopment

Twitter isn't just for the socialites! It's for professional development! Did you know that there is a HUGE Physical Education worldwide PLC? It is truly amazing. I have learned so much from my twitter professional chats and it has truly made me a better teacher!

If you aren't totally sure what to do, start slow.
Create a twitter handle @__________. Decide if you are using professionally or personally. I use mine for 95% professional use. Start by following just those you want to show up on your twitter feed. You can follow and unfollow at the click of a button. Some twitter users choose to follow a lot of people and they don't tweet anything. You can tweet as much or as little as you'd like.

Hashtags tend to scare people "what do I do with those things?"
Using a # is easy once you get the hang of it.

"Today was a great day in #physed with my K-5 students."
Anyone that follows the #phsyed tweets, will see the above sentence. It's an easy way to fine any topic or piece of information.

The most popular # for Physical Education and Health are:
#physed #pechat #pegeeks #elempe #healthed #iaedchat

Sign up today -- you won't regret it!

IAHPERD Legislative Council Meeting

Sunday, April 12th, 9:30am

Oskaloosa, IA, United States

Oskaloosa, IA

Our entire legislative council will be meeting in Oskaloosa for a meeting to discuss the June convention as well as IAHPERD business. This is also our budget meeting.
We will tour William Penn University and discuss convention set up.

#PHYSED Summit 2.0

The #PHYSED Summit 2.0 was held on February 21, from all parts of the country. I have attached several sessions for you to view. Feel free to visit You Tube for more information.

This is another AMAZING reason to join twitter for professional development. If you aren't on twitter yet, WHY NOT? Physical and Health Educators know that when it comes to professional development, we get the short end of the stick. For me, twitter has become that missing link. I have connected with educators from ALL OVER THE WORLD.... that's no exageration! The more Physical and Health educators that get on twitter, the stronger our profession becomes. In fact, I think that #physed #pegeeks #pechat is leading the way for ALL educators and content areas when it comes to professional development.

Personally, I love be involved with the twitter revloution! It's exciting and fun to connect with others and learn new and exciting ways of teaching my students the "basics" of movement.

VOXER is another new way of communicating! There is a Physical Education voxer chat line that has just become popular. You can share pictures, but it's like a walkie talkie - you talk instead of type. JOIN NOW so you too can lead the way in your school and school district.
#PhysEdSummit 2 0 Keynote - Say No To The Status Quo Featuring Dr. Amanda Stanec
#PhysEdSummit2.0 Block 1- Google Apps for Education
#PhysEdSummit2.0 Block 1- Standards Based Grading Part 2
#PhysEdSummit2.0 Block 1- Physical Literacy Part 2
Elementary Round Table
#PhysEdSummit2.0 Block 2 - Middle Years Round Table
#PhysEdSummit2.0 Block 2 - Adapted Physical Education
#PhysEdSummit2.0 Block 2 - High School Round Table