Lawrence's Digital Scrapbook

Lawrence Pantaleon

April, 4, 1861

Dear diary, I am twelve years old, now listen before I get into to this, my mom made me do this diary, but you know what, it’s my twelfth birthday and I got a diary… not the best present but I’m still grateful. Anyway, I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I live in a big house with tons of acreage with three brothers, Henry, George, and Harry and my three sisters Mary, Harriet, And Maria. In the Hewitt household, it’s a total madhouse, you always have to keep an eye out on whatever is going on. For example, when mama makes a pie you have to be the first one there because before you know it there is going to be a stampede of 6 hungry boys and girls tumbling down the staircase. Trust me, you do not want to be caught in that. My dad owns a local carpentry business called “Hewitt’s Carpentry” that Henry, George, and Maria work for. I love to read outside and make up games with my brothers and sisters.

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Me and mama were looking through her closet and we came across this picture in a newspaper titled "Boston's House of the year."

July, 2, 1861

Well today is the day my dad has to fight in the third battle of the Civil War called “Bull Run.” I am very nervous for him and I really hope he makes it out okay. Plus I never got the chance to read today because ever since my dad left my mom has taken over the carpentry shop and that means my mom can’t do the work she usually does around the house and the only people left to do it is just us kids. So basically all I did was chores today. My mom got home around 5:30 p.m and she saw that us kids were a little bummed out so she took us to the candy shop that just opened in the city. We got a couple of chocolate bars but it still wasn’t the same. I could tell my mom was sad too, she wasn’t the same when she got home, she seemed sad. But I am going to keep my hopes up, and wish for the best. I also heard my mom talking about this thing called “Union politics” and she said president Lincoln should show more of his power when debating, so I guess I agree.
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This is the candy shop we went to today, I cut this out of today’s newspaper. It actually just opened this very day.

August, 3, 1862

It’s the second Bull Run and things are actually going well, my mom isn’t as stressed as before and she actually seems quite happy. Now I know my dad is fighting in the war right now and we are all still worried but it’s kind of part of the routine, I wake up and my dad isn’t there to say good morning but I know he will be back soon to do that. I still have to much more chores than usual but my brothers and sisters and I just thought of chore like game or a competition. For example, who can wash the windows the fastest. I’ve also saw in today’s newspaper an article about Union politics and now I am a total expert on it. I totally agree with my mom, no questions asked, he should totally show much more power than he’s showing right now.
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Plus my mama got me a chalkboard for my room, how could today get any better?

May, 2, 1863

Today is the battle of chancellorsville and I actually think my dad might not be fighting in it because ever since the emancipation proclamation was released, a big chunk of slaves moved up north to join the Union army and the Union already had plenty of soldiers and volunteers, so that means the Union will have more than enough people to fight and my dad might get a break from war. My mom made my siblings and I all sit at the table for dinner and talk about the union and confederate politics and our thoughts about it. Of course I did most of the talking because my siblings could care less about politics and I still agree that Lincoln should show more of his power but he has improved. My mom is still taking care of the carpentry shop but she actually enjoys it now, she likes to meet new people and make new friends and she does just that at the shop.
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This is the city of Boston Massachusetts, I cut this out of my mom’s magazine when she was at the shop.

November, 21, 1863

Well, sherman’s march to the sea started a few months days ago. I know that I am the son of a Union soldier and I live in a Union state but I actually feel bad for the south. All of the south is obliterated. Everything there is ruined. But we don’t know if we won the Civil War yet, so I’m still a little bit nervous. I actually received a letter from my father the other day. To be honest, I actually forgot about the emancipation proclamation but it doesn’t really matter anymore because like I said in other entries and big chunk of the slaves moved up north to join the Union army. And you can’t forget about the Union and Confederate politics, Lincoln actually finished off the Civil War strong. Way to go, president Lincoln. Mama saw that I was nervous today so she took me to one of the local toy stores in downtown Boston and I got a really cool toy.
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Mama still hasn’t caught me cutting out pictures in her magazines, so this is going to be my last time doing it. This is my new toy that I got today.

June, 4, 1865

Jackpot, we won the civil war and my dad is coming back home. Mama made us all right welcome home cards, and once he steps into the Hewitt household there will be a giant welcome home party with music and plenty of food. Plus mama hired a photographer to take a family picture once dad gets back home. Once we heard the good news, mama took me and my siblings out to dinner and I realized there were much more people in Boston. Today, Me and my mom were strolling downtown and we had an epiphany to get a dog, a german shepherd that is. We saw this dog in a newspaper at the news stand so I cut out this photo of the dog we might get when dad gets home. This was probably the best day of my life so far.

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