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Happy Wednesday! We have a few students that have not turned in their SMS elective papers. Please make sure that your child has gone over that with you, and turned in to me. Thanks for your help!

PASS testing is next week- March 18 and 19 for writing. The first day will be the response writing to a prompt, and the second day will be multiple choice.

In class...

Science-Force and Motion continued

Social Studies- Chapter 7

Writing- Preparing for PASS writing coming up/Grammar review

Reading- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe-Finishing up with a special day in class with a fun project!

Thanks for helping!

With all the talk about middle school, some of our students are kinda thinking that it is time to head on over to SMS! Please kindly remind your child that we still have a lot of important 5th grade content to cover during the rest of the school year.