Englewood Collection Plan


Mission Statement

The mission of the media center is to provide the best resources for the students and staff of Englewood School. To help students to become life learners and to think independently.

Student Data

Because the library's collection exists to serve the needs of students, the following data was collected to inform purchasing decisions.

  1. Student survey the first 6 weeks of school.
  2. Staff survey the first 6 weeks of school.

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Curriculum Ties

Based on the student data collected above, the following curriculum areas have been identified as collections development priorities.

  1. More books on animals.
  2. More books on nc studies.
  3. More books on science.

Stakeholder Validation

Because the library serves the entire school community, the following stakeholders were involved in this development plan.

  1. AIG teacher-emails
  2. Teachers-emails
  3. Parents-surveys
  4. Students-surveys