Lineville Technology

Jacob Anderson

Typing Web

1. In typing web you can practice your typing skills and ans increase them too.

2.Typing web is a fun program to learn typing with all of the games it has to help you too.

3. And also it test your speed and accuracy and tells you what to do to improve.


1.In the app iMovie a am able to make trailers and movies for projects it is very fun.

2. iMovie allows you to do many of things to your movie and trailers includign sound affects and many other things

3.Also in iMovie you can make really cool movies and trailers to show and edit it is very fun to work with and try

Career Locker

1.Career locker is a fun website to help with your future and college and finding what job is the best for you.

2.In the website you can choose from a lot of options to look at like occupations and colleges and you can take quizzes to see what might fit your interest

3.Also in this website you can fill out a portfolio to fill out a application to help youe chances in the futrure

Hiaku Deck

1. Haiku deck is a fun presenting program that we used to explain or dream jobs

2.In Haiku deck you can do a lot of fun things including adding pictures and text and many other things

3. Also you can make very cool presentation to share and present it is very fun to works with and use

Explain Everything

1.Explain Everything is a cool way to present by speaking and drawing and typing to present

2.In this you can do many things to make your presentation different and awesome from the rest.

3. This was a fun to use this application because of all the things you were able to do like draw,talk,type and many other things.

Hour of Code

1.Hour of code is a very fun website where you can work on code and create games and many other things

2.In this program they give you many options to code by playing games and creating games and many others

3.I enjoyed using hour of code because of all the things you can do and create/

Email Etiquette

1.In Email etiquette we had to make and email using the proper way by the right writing style and capitalization

2,This was fun to correct the emails that people didn't write correctly it was fun

3.In enjoyed it because of the way i could figure out how to write an email correct