Thoughtful in Third Grade

See what is going on in 3M and 3D!

Reading Workshop

Throughout our non-fiction mini-lessons this week, students were focusing on the following learning targets:

  • I am the elements of a literary nonfiction text.
  • I am learning the purpose and elements of a biography.
  • I am learning to use text features to deepen my understanding of a nonfiction text.
  • I am learning to use text features and paragraph structures to summarize key ideas.
  • I am learning to use the chronological order to determine what is important in a text.

Students are busy reading nonfiction texts during IDR at school. They have the choice of reading fiction OR nonfiction at home for their monthly calendars.

Math Workshop

Students spent the week studying the relationship between multiplication and division! The learning targets were:

  • I am learning to write an equation with variables for word problems.
  • I am learning to multiply a single digit by a double digit, using the partial product method.
  • I am learning to use the Associative Property for Multiplication..

Highlights for the Week:

Keep in Mind...

Monday (7th):
Tuesday (8th):
Wednesday (9th): LRC both classes
Thursday (10th): Barnes and Noble Night @ 6:30
Friday (11th):No School; Teacher Institute