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Updates Coming All Week From Nashville!

As the National Convention prepares to begin on Tuesday, OPEN will be on the scene to present, share, and help you become a better teacher! In addition, we are celebrating #OPENMusicCity by releasing new modules all during the Convention. Mike and Mike will be all over Nashville with their "Mikerophones" looking for you to chat about OPEN for the OPEN Forum Podcast. Also, there will be plenty of events at night including the inaugural OPEN Impact Awards Wednesday night and the annual US Games Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart Celebration Thursday night! Follow @OPENPhysEd or search #OPENMusicCity on Twitter to get a hotlink to our updates coming each morning Wednesday through Saturday!
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New OPEN Content Featured All Week!

OPEN is celebrating #SHAPENashville by releasing new content and modules all week! Be sure to log in to your account at each day to find out what has been released! What? You aren't registered yet? This standards-based content is completely FREE! All you need to do is register here! No spam email, no sales, just an all-access pass to quality content to help you deliver awesome physical education to your students!

Not on social media? Join the @openmc group on Remind! It will send text messages to your phone number with events and special announcements about things happening during #OPENMusicCity at #SHAPENashville. If you have the app, open it and search for the group @openmc. Don't have the app? No worries. Click here to open a weblink to join! Then, the messages will come to your phone automatically via text message! How easy is that?

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