Night Light by Ann Winters

A poetry theme analysis by Savannah Mikle

1 Only your plastic night light dusts its pink

2 on the backs and undersides of things; your mother,

3 head resting on the nightside of one arm,

4 floats a hand above your cradle

5 to feel the humid tendril of your breathing.

6 Outside, the night rocks, murmurs … Crouched

7 in this eggshell light, I feel my heart

8 slowing, opened to your tiny flame

9 as if your blue irises mirrored me

10 as if your smile breathed and warmed

11 and curled in your face which is only asleep.

12 There is space between me, I know,

13 and you. I hang above you like a planet –

14 you’re a planet, too. One planet loves the other.


The theme of this poem is the intensity of the love between a mother and a child.




Why I like this poem:

The reason why I enjoy this poem is because of the intense emotion and absolute sincerity of the words. It creates an image in the mind's of readers that allows them to connect to the poem and feel the same emotion that the poem describes.