AIMing in the U.K.

Brier Scott


January & February Newsletter

New Life Church, Glasgow

The months of January and February have certainly picked up the pace regarding church activity as we've had many events going on here at New life! I have a feeling the pace isn't going to slow down either!

January began with three evenings of revival services preached by Bro. Matthew Tuttle, missionary to The Netherlands. During this revival one of our own youth received the Holy Ghost! God moved mightily during each service! I was also privileged to have the opportunity to lead worship for Friday night service of this revival. What a blessing it is to be given opportunities to grow within different areas of ministry! I so appreciate this about New Life church because they provide so many ministry opportunities, particularly for the HBC students, like speaking, leading worship, and traveling to different countries to evangelize. We get a broad spectrum of practical ministry experience.

Also in January was the "Music Café" that was hosted by the church and held here as well. Myself along with other church members and students of HBC participated in this event either by singing, playing an instrument, or both!

Sunday mornings are usually buzzing with some kind of activity whether it be music practice, getting ready for service to start, or fellowship afterwards, but this was especially the case during one of our January Sunday services when New Life held a "Job fair" after service! Each department of ministry had their own booth or table set up which provided church members and visitors a better look into the ministries at New Life which was beneficial for those interested in becoming a part of an area of ministry at the church.

As I mentioned below, Children's Super Sunday that took place in February was a big event at the church and a successful one at that! I believe that the outreach that was done and the connections that were made for this Super Sunday planted seeds in the hearts of each person we spoke to. More people now know that there is a church in their city, Glasgow, and that within itself is a positive step forward to having revival in this city.

During these past two months I've also had the opportunity to assist and teach Sunday school. I enjoy getting to know the kids here and connect with them! Also, I've gotten to speak and lead worship on Wednesday night services as well as student chapels and student body prayer.

All in all, January and February have been busy and productive, but what stands out most about them is the personal growth that happens within the business and rush of school, duties, assignments, ministry opportunities, and just life in general. It would take a while to write everything that happened during these past two months, but I am encouraged when I look back and see the growth not only in my ministry, but in the ministries of peers and people around me. I pray for and anticipate only positive change and growth to continue to take place in New Life Church and the saints who attend here!

Harvest Bible College

This first month of 2015 has brought a time of new beginnings. A new year, a new term, new focus, new goals, and a new round off guest teachers as well.

We HBC students were foretold that this term would be much busier than last term between church events, homework, fundraisers and scholastic duties, and the ones who told us this were absolutely right! However, I'm not complaining because I know that having added responsibility will help us grow and be better prepared to handle different situations and circumstances that our ministries may lead us to.

For the month of January, we had two guest teachers which included Bro. Rodney Shaw (Pastor of New Life Church, Austin, TX), Bro. Eric and Kathleen Coker (Missionaries to the U.K. and pastor of Calvary Tabernacle, Elgin, Scotland), and Bro. Emil Austin (pastor of Lighthouse church, Stafford, London).

In February, the HBC students were privileged to be taught by Bro. and Sis. Ronald and Patricia Brown (Superintendents of the State of Tennessee) and Bro. and Sis. Paul and Cherith Volan (Asst. Pastors of Pentecostals of Cooper City in Cooper City, Florida).

As for events, the HBC students hosted two main ones which were: The Children's Super Sunday put on by the Christian Education majors and the "Hoedown" fundraiser put on by all of the students.

It took weeks and weeks of preparation to put on the Children's Sunday service, but it was all so worth it. We had two families who visited for the service and both were interested in returning again! One younger girl actually visited for the second time this past Sunday and attended Sunday School! Praise God!

The "Hoedown" fundraiser was a success as well being that we were able to raise funds for future ministry trips, in particular the prayer trip to Budapest, Hungary that is scheduled for this coming April. We made sweet tea, biscuits, baked potatoes, and even set up a stage area where myself and other students and youth sang old Southern hymns. We sang and played our hearts out on our Banjos, Mandolins, Bases, Box drums, and Guitars!

Prayer List:

Budapest, Hungary Prayer Trip: Please keep the HBC students and New Life church members and leadership in your prayers as we prepare to go to Budapest for an evangelistic prayer trip. This is the farthest East New Life has gone for a trip like this. I believe God is going to move in a powerful way and that spiritual strongholds in the city of Budapest, and entire country of Hungary will be broken as a result of our collective prayers and physically ministering there. God is with us and fighting for us!

New Life Church: Continue to pray for the souls in the city of Glasgow to have a stirring in their hearts which will cause them to be curious about God or drawn to seeking after God. Just by being here for 6 months I have seen spiritual growth take place within the church and numerical growth happen as well being that we have had several of visitors the past couple of months. God has His hand on this church, city, and country! Glasgow is not forgotten by the Lord, so let us also remember this area and continue to share the burden of the laborers here by lifting up New Life, Glasgow, Scotland, and the entirety of the U.K. In our prayers.

Thank you so, so much!