Coyote Chronicle

January 2019 Edition

Leader of The Pack

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Mullica Township Middle School PBIS recognizes the “LEADERS of the PACK” for January 2018. This month the character trait exemplified by these students was perseverance.

Join us in celebrating:

5th Grade

Malanie Pagan, Julius Bermudez, Harry Tennant

6th Grade

Valerie Fabian, Julia Lord, AJ Maxwell, Antonio Cruz

7th Grade

Alaina Schlue, Joshua Ingemi, Jadalynn Perez, Kylie Belber

8th Grade

Alberto Rodriguez, Dylan Day, Madison Plummer, Robert Gowdy

Two Hour Delay

Warm welcome, on a cold day!

Boys Cross Country Champs and 8th Grade Science Fair Winners Honored at BOE Meeting

Mullica Proud!

Tower Garden Smoothies

Mrs. Tomasello is always making her health classes interesting and fun. When Mr. and Mrs. Polk asked if she would like to host Sustainable Mullica’s new hydroponic Tower Garden she immediately jumped on board. Her classes planted, harvested and created delicious smoothies with Swiss chard, spinach and kale. One thing we know for sure is that growing healthy kids is what Mullica School is all about!

-Mrs. Polk

Fifth Grade Science Fun!

5th grade science students played a short round of a survival for food game in the courtyard on a very chilly day. This simulated herbivores, omnivores and carnivores searching for nutrients. 3 different color tiles were used to simulate plants, animals and water. A thumbs up meant you survived!

-Mrs. Pino

Setting Book Club Goals for 2019

6th Graders start the year off right by setting reading goals for their new books.

-Mrs. McClaren and Mrs. Rodio

It's Snowing Functions in Room 99

Students in 8th grade are learning about functions. They were reviewing everything they learned before the big Quiz. We had a snow ball fight with some Function Problems. Some quotes from our students about this activity:

" It's funny how room 99 FUNCTIONS in this chilly weather."- Jaclyn Dulski

"Room 99 is having a great FUNCTION in all this snow."- Justin Sawyer

"This is snow falling FUNCTIONS in room 99."-Carlos Figueroa

-Mrs.Coughlin and Mrs. Lazos

STEM Connection

Mrs. Rheault's 4th grade class stopped by to show off the Sierpinski Tetrahedron's. This shape is a 3D version of a SiperinskiTriangle, which in this case was created by using all equilateral pyramids! It was very impressive to see the STEM skills used in the building of these individual pyramids and the larger shape, but it was even more impressive to hear the 4th graders be able to explain the concepts they learned in the creation of this project. Students understood and were able to explain how they built this pyramid using different iterations on different levels. These students talked to my 7th graders about the idea of "positive and negative space," as well as the ratio of postive space in this shape to the total space, and is a great way to help students visualize concepts such as "volume."

-Mr. Apalucci

Cross Fit In Phys. Ed.

Middle school PE students are currently grinding it out in their cross fit unit!

-Mr. Newhall and Mr. Fackler

Burmese Python Traps

Mr. Driscoll's 5th graders recently studied the Florida Everglades and their issue with an invasive species - the Burmese Python. The python was introduced to the Everglades after Hurricane Andrew blew apart a zoo enclosure in 1992. The Burmese Python has completely changed the ecosystem, wiping out 99% of all mammals within the system. The 5th graders were challenged with designing and building a trap to catch the snakes. The trap had to catch them alive and be designed to not harm any wildlife, plant or animal. The 5th graders then presented their designs to the class.

-Mr. Driscoll

7th Grade Science

Students have started our Life Science section. Students have discovered that all living things are made of cells. They have learned about the different types of cells and how they reproduce.

-Mrs. Bartling

Unit Rates- Graphing on the Floor!

Students learned about how to turn rates into unit rates and represent this relationship through graphing. We made use of the space on the floor to create a GIANT version of these graphs to highlight important concepts such as including labels, picking an appropriate scale, and how to "read" graphs to find out important information.

-Mr. Apalucci

"Student Teachers"

Students played the role of "teachers" as they were broken into groups and asked to progress through a series of task cards. In every group, one student who was confident in the material was chosen to "lead" their group in understanding HOW to go about solving these problems.

-Mr. Apalucci

Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

8th grade students began their analysis of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In this unit, students will focus primarily on the theme topic of control. Characters in this play are controlled by emotions, other characters, and even magic. They often attempt to manipulate others in a variety of ways. Students will examine why the characters seek control, how they try to control others, and the results of attempting to control others. Students will read much of the play aloud with their "acting company", and will frequently reread key passages to deepen their understanding. In addition, students will analyze differences between a film version of the play and Shakespeare’s original script.

-Mrs. Vanderheyden & Mrs. Coughlin

Convection Currents in a Fluid

Mr. McLaughlin's 6th graders investigated convection currents. The students in Mr. McLaughlin's class made astute observations and recorded them in their journals.

-Mr. McLaughlin and Mrs. Lynn

Big History Project with Mr. Gerber

7th Grade BHP - Lesson: "For Most People, Eating Bugs is Only Natural"...and yes, we ate bugs after learning about the historical and cultural connections.

6th Grade BHP - Lesson: Invent a Species. The students had to invent a species based off scientific research, then bring it to life.

Join the Chess Club!

Who: Middle School students

What: Chess Club

When: Thursdays afterschool, 3:30pm-4:30pm. January 31 – February 21, 2019. Additional sessions may be offered depending upon interest.

Bring: The Mullica Township PTA will be supplying chess sets. However, students may bring their own chess set.

Positive attitude and a willingness to learn

Chess Club With Mr. Apalucci

Click here to download a permission slip.

Take Your Family to School Night

Mark your calendar and plan to beat the winter doldrums with a night of fun at school.

Locker Painting, Origami, Lemon Battery Demo,

Musical Mason Jars, and much more!

Join Sustainable Mullica for Smoothie Tasting.

Check out the Cedar Creek Robotics Club for a demonstration.

Check out a recycling game with the Oakcrest Student Environmental Awareness Club.

You do not want to miss Mr. Brownhill's Liquid Nitrogen Demonstration!

I can't wait to have fun at this PTA event!

-Mrs. Lynn

Mark Your Calendar

  • 2/4 - 2/8 - Children’s Stage Adventures - “CRY WOLF” begins for grades 2-5
  • 2/6 – Progress Report Check – Monitor Grades in PowerSchool
  • 2/8 - Children’s Stage Adventures - Evening Performance - 7:00 pm
  • 2/12 - 2/28 - Robotics Club - Session 1 (Tuesdays/Thursday 3:30-5:30 pm)
  • 2/12-Take Your Family to School Night -PTA
  • 2/13 - Dodgeball Tournament
  • 2/15 - Early Dismissal - Staff In-Service
  • 2/18 - School Closed - Presidents Day
  • 2/19 - Class Pictures - Elementary School
  • 2/20 - Class Pictures - Middle School / Clubs / Sports
  • 2/21 - MTEA Lip Sync Battle
  • 2/27 - February Board of Education Meeting
  • 3/8 – PTA Designer Bag Bingo – 6:00 pm – Cafeteria
  • 3/12 – 3/14 – Parent/Teacher Conferences – Early Dismissal Days
  • 3/13 – March Board of Education Meeting
  • 3/15 – Trimester 2 Ends
  • 3/15 – Early Dismissal – Staff Development
  • 3/20 – PTA Meeting
  • 3/22 – Trimester 2 Report Cards

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