Health Care

Should all Americans have a right to basic healhcare?

Should people have health Care?

I belive all Americans have a righ to have health care. I mean where all Americans with rights and freedom. So shouldn't all Americans have health care. What if an American gets hit or stabed or shot, they go to the hospitale, but then later in the future the person is having to pay hospitale bills. They probly wont live becuase they cant pay bills.

Why this is an issue.

This is an issue because people can't afford to go to the hospitale. Then people dont go to the hospitale because they know that they cant afford it, so they let themselfs slowly die.

Viewpoint of Mitt Romoney

Mitt Romoney says that he is going to give policies to each state  so that they can have power to craft healthcare reform plan.

Viewpoint of Barack Obama

Mr. Obama says that he is going to stop insuranse company abuse and he also says that he is giving millions of Americans a peace of mind.