The Three Blind Mice Case

By: Chase Kanipe

Three Blind Mice

Preliminary Events

First, Joel was arrested on charge for cutting down trees in a state park. After being informed of his rights, a probable cause and a bail of 25,000 dollars was set by the judge. Because the tree was small the crime was a misdemeanor instead of a felony.


Soon after Joel was put before a grand jury of 23 jurors to examine the validity of the case before the trial. The jury then indicted Joel, so he was officially accused of the crime. Because Joel had little money. He was assigned a public defendant.


Next Joel was Arraigned, or called before a court of competent jurisdiction. Because Joel knew he would be found guilty, he arranged for a plea bargain in hopes of a lesser charge. The petit jury consisted of 12 men and women. After the attorneys opening statements the witnesses were called forth to present what they thought. They were cross examined under oath. Because of the subpoena, all the possible witnesses were required to attend. The witnesses avoided perjury or lying because they were under oath. The prosecution wanted him to be sentenced with jail time. The defendant requested a mere fine. After the verdict was decided, the judge announced that Joel was found guilty and was officially convicted, though he would receive only a 500 dollar fine. Because of the small fine, Joel decided not to appeal.