My Inspiration

By: Carlos Cantu


martin luther king jr is my inspirartion he had many acomplishments in life but the biggest one of all was that he stoped racism. Back in the days racism was a pretty big thing many dint like different kinds of people but martin luther king jr helped stop it all once in for all


Martin luther king jr had said he had a dream that dream was to stop all racism towards all races. those words catched everyones atention so they all wondered are we even different at all where all the same just in different colors
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speech(I Have A Dream)

I Have a dream speech video

Why i choose my Inspiration

i chose Martin Luther King Jr because to me he made a major difference in our world today towards where we all get along no matter what color or race you are. His speech stood out to me because he talked about how we are all just the same but different colors. He was assassinated because he stood in position that violence was not the answer. He beleved that peace was the answer to all causes.