Are video games leading to violence

Violence and its causes

Recent studies are showing that video games are the cause of violence.They are also saying through out the the few past years the main shooters of crimes play video games that encourage them to do so.The games are rewarding them to shoot or kill in such a way. About 13 years ago two shooters shot and killed many people at Columbine High in Colorado.After searching their house for evidence,cops found  video games that were very violent two games by the names of "Wolfenstien" and "Doom". Not only were these just games they were violent ones. The violent video games are still legal for minors and all to play. The big debate over the video games still goes on with nothing to do the only thing they can do is wait.Overall in certain places some murders are from games ,in other games their not. So the pro is these games may be the cause of bullies throughout the world. The con is that average people have declined the statement and refuse to believe it.