The Toll Gate Tidings Tana

June 12, 2016 Edition

Important Dates to Note


6/13 - Resource Room Author's Tea

6/13- K-5 Grade Level meetings

6/14 - 2nd Grade Writing Celebrations

6/14 - In-School Spring Concert

6/15 - Spirit Day - Idol Day!

6/16 - 3rd Grade Special Projects Exhibit

6/16 - 5th Grade Promotion Dinner

6/17 - 2nd Grade EOY party

6/17 - 1st Grade EOY party

6/17 - 5th Grade to Penn Brooke Swim Club

6/17 - Grades K and 3rd - Buddy EOY Pizza party

6/17 - TGG Staff EOY/Faculty/"A&W" party

6/20 - TMS Children's Theater performance

6/20 - K & 3rd Grade Buddy Pizza EOY party

6/21 - End of 4th mp

6/21 - Gator Gathering in honor of the 5th graders

6/21 - Early Dismissal

6/22 - Clap Out

6/22 - Early Dismissal


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Spring Concert for Students

What an excellent job our students did on Thursday night for their Spring Concert! Congratulations to Karrin, Bill and Bev for all of their hard work preparing our students! To showcase their work, our in-school concert will be on Tuesday, June 14, following the schedule below:

8:35-9:00am Homeroom/Morning Meeting

9:00-9:05am Call to Gym

9:05-10:10am Spring Concert

10:10-10:15am Return to classroom

10:15-10:58am Period 1

11:01-11:44pm Period 2

11:47-12:30pm Period 3 – Lunch/Recess K, 1st, & 5th

12:33-1:16pm Period 4 – Lunch/Recess 2nd, 3rd & 4th

1:19- 2:02pm Period 5

2:05- 2:48pm Period 6

2:51- 3:27pm Academic Choice

3:30pm Dismissal Call

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Just a Reminder...

Please make sure you let the Main Office know if you are taking your class outside for any extended period of time. It is imperative that we know where all students (and staff) are during the school day, in the case of an emergency, a parent comes to pick up a student, the need to find someone, etc... Thank you for your support!
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TMS Performers to visit TG!

Please let me know if you would like to bring your class to see the TMS students perform "Miss Nelson is Missing" on Monday, June 20th from 9:40-10:10am. As of now, we have the following classes attending: KSc/J, KSe, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4M & 5th grade. Thank you!

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Report Cards

See Tony Suozzo's email from earlier this week:

Dear K-5 Staff:

As we approach the end of the school year just a reminder that all grades need to be entered into OnCourse for the 4th marking period by Tuesday, June 21 at the end of the school day. Final report cards will be made available to parents on Tuesday, June 28. If you would like to print out your report cards so that you can see your students third making grades/indicators/comments when completing your 4th marking period grades/indicators/comments attached you will find instructions on how to print them out. See the attachment that provides instructions on how to view/print out report cards. As always if you run into any issues please submit a helpdesk ticket (

4th and 5th Grade Teachers:

Please make sure you review your grades to ensure there are no numerical grades over 100 for the marking period. We realize students receive letter grades however if you have a numerical grade over 100 you should complete a grade override and change it to 100 in your gradebook. See screenshots in his email for both the new gradebook or old one. Just type in 100 in the override box.

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HV Trenton Thunder Night!

Hopewell Valley Night at Trenton Thunder is June 28

The entire Hopewell Valley community is invited to discounted tickets on this special night. A great way to kick off summer! Listen to the Hopewell Valley Chorus sing the National Anthem and see a 9u Bulldog District baseball team take the field with the Trenton Thunder players! Ticket information flyer (order deadline has been extended to June 13).

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Blended Learning

As we move more and more toward a 1:1 environment with our Chromebooks and iPads, you will hear the term "Blended Learning". Here is a short video that explains what this means, and how to incorporate technology appropriately into your classrooms. Check it out!
What is Blended Learning?
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OnCourse - Welcome Letters

In preparation for classroom assignments this summer, parents and students will be able to access OnCourse for their HR teacher, and will look to your websites for welcome letters. You may want to think about creating them now, and uploading them to your website once school is out. The District will be shutting down OnCourse to parent/student view over the summer, and will open it up in August as per past practice.

Jill Bacso will be sending out directions on how to do this.

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Technology Newsletter

From Tony Suozzo's recent email - please make sure you've read over the Newsletter about Tech happenings in the District.
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Farewell to 5th Graders GG

Below is the schedule for our Farewell to the 5th Graders Gator Gathering, scheduled for Tuesday, June 21st.

8:35-9:00am HR/MM

9:00-10:00am Gator Gathering

10:05-10:28am 1st period

10:31-10:54am 2nd period

10:57-11:20am 3rd period

11:23-11:46am 4th period

11:49-12:12am 5th period

12:15-12:38pm 6th period

12:40-12:45pm HR/Dismissal

Carol has volunteered to organize the slide show of music/lyrics for our GG. Please send her your song title, along with any YouTube lyrics or the actual music - whatever you want shown or a link to a page. She is only organizing what you send her for ease of transition on the morning of the GG.

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Clap Out

We will begin the official end-of-year clap out at 12:40pm on Wednesday, June 22nd.

5th grade – please line up on the blacktop by 12:30pm. Tucker will join you, and lead the students through the hallway.

4th grade – please line up at 12:30 downstairs by the Art room on both sides of the hallway.

All primary grades should line up at 12:30pm in the primary hallway, on both sides.

All non-homeroom staff should follow 4th grade up the stairwell to the front door.

All students will be dismissed after 5th grade leaves the building.

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A Good Read Before Next Year

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And the Countdown is On!


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