Prof. Dr. Ada E. Yonath

malcolm boddy

her life

Prof. Dr. Ada E. Yonath was born in 1939 in Jerusalem. Her father was a rabbi or a pastor and came from a rabbinical family. They settled in Jerusalem and ran a grocery store. she is still currently living in Jerusalem and she has just one daughter.

nobel peace prize and career

Prof. Dr. Ada E. Yonath was the first Israeli woman to be awarded a nobel peace prize. she studied a lot of chemistry in her career. ahe won a chemistry nobel prize in 1976.she was a group leader for Molecular Genetics in Berlin from 1979-84 in at the Max Planck Institute. she is also a professor at the Weizmann Institute . she has ben there since 1988.


she was the first European Crystallography Prize in 2000 and she won the Israel Prize for chemistry in 2002. she also won a nobel peace prize in 2009