Arranged Marriages

should every marriage be arranged?

An arranged marriage is...

  • when a parent sets a man or woman soul mate for you
  • when a man or woman comes and asks for your hand in marriage because of their decision

History on arranged marriages

Arranged marriages are not very common in our world today. But back in the day, marriages were usually put together by a parent or guardian. The top 5 countries with this "problem" are India, Niger, Chad, Malawi, Bangladesh. In these countries popular culture and tradition legalizes the practice of an arranged marriage.

Reasons for an arranged marriage

  • land
  • power
  • tradition
  • religion
  • popular culture
  • freedom
  • money
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  • money support or freedom for your family
  • the joining or combining of countries or land
  • the joining or combining of royal powers


  • most arranged marriages separate families
  • they involve very young woman ranging from the age of 9-18
  • they separate one from ones true love
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people related to arranged marriages


Ever since she'd been a little girl, Rohingya has obeyed everything that her parents have told her. A lot of this girls chores were mainly based on taking care of her sister. Rohingya was getting older and she lived in a town where men expected a lot of their women. Rohingyas parents were both enslaved and they were willing to trade their oldest daughters hand in marriage for their selfish freedom. As soon as they were married, the man decided to move to a different country, as soon as they got there though, Rohingyas husband died leaving her to take care of her sick sister in a country where she couldn't work legally.

9 year old girl

This little girl whom lived off the ivory coast was a very nice student and an even better child. Her father how ever was going to put a dent in her education though. For he had arranged for her to marry her uncle at a very young age! Eventually, the school got upset on this girls absence. The district had the girls father arrested for marrying his daughter at such a young age in a country where child marriage is illegal!


I approve the practice of an arranged marriage, but only under specific guidelines. In the arranged marriage process, the people getting married should have a choice to marry the other or not. If the decision is not made by the people getting married, but by the ones who arranged it, it then crosses the line to a forced marriage in which I do not approve of.


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