over fishing

human dependence project

main issues

Lots of species are getting extinct because they cant reproduce them selves as much as is taken of from the sea. Some species are not even been discovered because they become extinct.
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negative effects to the environment

There are more marine animals taken off the sea then how much they can reproduce each other.

main regions effected

Southern , pacific and north east region.
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what wild life effected

All Marine animals are effected because of over fishing , such as fishes , sharks , shrimp and lots of other more marine animals.
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how are wild life effected

Wild life is effected because lots of marine animals depend on each other so when one is taken off the other one gets effected and others , and it keeps going.If one species gets extinct there's another one that is going to increase and decrease other populations because it might be eating the same food of another species , and it doesn't have other species to decrease them fast enough.
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Does it effect leauge city

Over fishing effects every part of the world especially to the ones that depend in marine animals because it brings the price up for sea food and it effect jobs all most all the time because they aren't aloud to fish a lot so it decreases there marcating. The people that always create this type of stuffs are fishers.
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There's monitors that monitor fishermen on how much they fish and what they fish.

If your going to eat sea food make sure to eat the one that has less impact on the sea.

My solution

My solution is to not let fishermen fish a lot and put charges to the ones that brake the rules and also to the ones that illegally fish and fish sea animals that are andengered.