Night of the Twisters

Book Written By: Ivy Ruckman


This book takes place in Grand Island, Nebraska, on June 3, 1980. Most of the time they're at Dan's house, and the armory.


In the beginning, Arthur and Dan go swimming together. When they go home, it gets really windy. Since they know the twister is coming, Dan's mom goes to warn Mrs. Smiley. That's when it hit! They go to the basement for safety. Then the house gets completely destroyed. Stacey, Arthur's older sister, finds them and gets them out. Then, they go to save Mrs. Smiley, (because Dan's mom was at K-Mart for safety) and got her out safely. Then, a bus took Mrs. Smiley to K-Mart. Then a patrol car took Dan, Arthur, and Stacey to the armory, which was the most safe place. When they leave and it's safe they go to K-Mart to look for mom and Ryan, Dan's baby brother, but they're not there. Then his dad's truck pulls up with mom, dad, and Ryan he gets really calm. He hugs all of them. Then one year later they celebrate the 1 year anniversary for the "night of the twisters".

The Main Characters Are...

Problem and Solution:

1. Problem- The twister hits and the boys are home alone.

Solution- They get Ryan, a lantern, a flashlight, go downstairs, and when it's safe they escape.

2. Problem- The boys can't find their parents.

Solution- They find Dan's dad, and they go to Dan's house and find everyone else there.

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This is One of the Best Books You Will Ever Read