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Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning

My Challenge to You...

I hope that you take a few moments to watch the video. What did you hear from Ramsey's talk? I heard him say that learning is messy, cultivation of curiosity is paramount, and reflection is vital to success.

We are in the people business and people are messy. Our students come to us with varying levels of skill, ability, desire, maturity, work ethic, family support, and turmoil. As educators we have to determine where each child is currently and take them where they need to be. As we all know, some students do not need much prompting and others require every ounce of energy we can muster. All of these things contribute to the mess of learning. Embrace it and prepare for it. We know that student are going to fail... what plan do you have in place to help the student when he/she fails?

As educators one of our jobs is to help students develop a curiosity for learning. Do you develop inquiry into your lesson plans? Do you just provide information or do you provide teaser information that sparks curiosity in your learners? Students that are provided opportunities for questioning, exploring, creating, and conversating with each other and the teacher about the content are more likely to learn the material at the analysis, synthesis, application, and evaluation levels of Blooms.

Reflection is a word that comes up again and again in our conversations. As humans, we have the ability to reflect upon our past, learn from our past, and use that knowledge to help create our own future. Do you take the time to reflect upon your lessons? Do you write notes or plan based off previous experiences or do you just say, "well that stunk," or "that went great," and never took the time to reflect upon why either thought was present?

Teaching from year to year should look different. We have different learners each year. All of them are in different places from the students from the prior year, all of them have different levels of curiosity, and as professionals we should be learning from our prior lessons taught (or learned) and shaping instruction off of what works.

If you are pulling your lesson from the prior year and teaching it the way you have always done then how effective is your teaching... really?

Think. Achieve. Succeed.




Thank you for your generosity to the United Way

As a campus we raised $1,729.81! That is AWESOME! Those of you that have donated will be allowed to wear jeans this week. I have sent you an email to confirm your jeans week.

The winners for a gift of time are:

Sue McDowell, Kellie MacAfee, and Teresa Kendall (there was a 3-way tie for 2nd)



Week at a Glance

Monday: Marla & Julie at Behavior Training in Austin; Campus Leadership Team Meeting

Tuesday: Faculty Meeting

Wednesday: Region 6 Award for Oakwood; PTO Meeting

Thursday: Success Team Meeting; Spotlight on Art Education

Friday: Jeff out of office; End of 2nd 6-weeks

  • Marla and Julie are attending a conference in Austin centered around student behaviors and strategies to work with challenging behaviors.
  • Campus leadership team meeting at 4:10pm in the library, all the department heads and team leaders as well as specialists.
  • General Faculty meeting at 4:10 in the library
  • Oakwood is receiving a Region 6 award for being a campus with All Academic Distinctions. Jeff will be at ESC 6 for the award.
  • PTO meeting at 12:00 in the library.
  • Jeff and Marla will attend the district level Success Team Meeting at the transportation center from 8:30-11:30.
  • Dr. Austin is representing Oakwood at the Spotlight on Arts Education Reception held at the George Bush Library Thursday evening.
  • Jeff will be out of the office on a personal day on Friday